Local Property Tax - Dispute surrounding the validity of a Will


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At present, there is a serious dispute surrounding the validity of A Will made by a late relative. I am the executor of a previous Will made by the testatrix and I seriously dispute another Will which has surfaced unexpectedly.

Before her death in 2019 I have previously paid the LPT on behalf of the testatrix at her request and with her own finance and as I retained the receipts for safekeeping and future reference if required, I have full details of her property ie Property ID, etc.

There will be a serious challenge to the validity of Will just produced with the result that I have paid the LPT on the property of the late testatrix .

Was I correct in doing this? Any opinions?


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I can't see how this is relevant. If it hadn't been paid it would have to come from the estate anyway.

Lots of people manage the financial affairs of elderly relatives and this seems pretty run-of-the-mill.