Land - to invest or not - get planning permission and build a house.


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Hi all, new to Askaboutmoney, to begin with please advise me if this thread would be more suitable in a different forum.

A family member is selling land 3/4s of an acre. The land is next door to my own home which I have lived in for 24 years. Im looking for an investment opportunity and the family member is willing to sell me the plot for a good price.

If I seek planning permission and I wish to sell the site, can a person from outside the locality (but has a housing need) purchase this site with the intention of building as per the plans in planning permission?

Alternatively, if I was to go ahead and build a house (following planning permission approval) what are the terms around selling this given I would not have lived in the property?

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You will be swimming against the tide. Planners are dead set against this sort of thing. What about building a new house for yourself on the site and then renovating and selling your existing house?


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If I seek planning permission and I wish to sell the site
If site is in an area where 'local needs' apply, even you won't be able to get planning permission: you already have a house, so you don't need one.

You need to talk to someone with local knowledge, and review planning applications on your County councils site to see what the criteria are.