Is Vodafone tv very basic?


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We've just switched from Virgin (bb+tv+landline) paying €95 to Vodafone (bb+tv+landline) paying €50 per month. Just installed on Sat so we're still in the cooling off period and I now see Sky TV have a €55 deal for 12 months (is there a catch??). Looking at Vodafone tv it seems to quite limited channels and no options to record more than one tv program at a time - from what I can see but I could be wrong. I'd love some feedback from anyone who's currently with Vodafone and how you are finding it before we make a decision. Thanks very much.


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Buddy of mine had Vodafone BB and TV a couple of years ago and couldn't wait to get rid of it. It doesn't have a wide range of channels, but his biggest issue was the effect that the TV service had on the BB speeds. Vodafone reserved some of the BB specifically for the TV, which caused other internet services (phone, tablet, etc) to slow. He contacted Vodafone many times, to no avail. He's with sky for TV and BB and is getting much better internet service (via the same connection)


If you have, or can put up a satellite dish, you will get all the channels that Vodafone offer at no monthly cost.