How to find the FTA channels?

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  1. delgirl

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    I know FTA and FTV options have been discussed before and I've searched for and read thru them, but as I'm not technically minded, Im still stuck!

    Sky digital service was terminated today - we thought it'd be better for the kids - :mad: faces similar to this at the moment - to enjoy the summer away from the TV! We would, however, like to view the FTA channels and any other available with the Sky dish and digibox we have.

    My question is - is there a list of numbers you can use to find these channels? Is it a matter of trawling through hundreds of numbers to find a signal? What are the FTA channels available in Ireland - I can find lists thru Google for the UK, but not for Ireland. Do I have to remove the Sky card or should I leave it in?

    Sorry - complete novice - any help and advice greatly appreciated.
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  3. DrMoriarty

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    This sticky provides a good clear walkthrough.

    Congrats on giving Sky the boot; the kids will grumble for a while but they'll be better off for it (no ads on the Beeb, for a start!) :)
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    Thanks for the info. Dr. M and Jools600, will try it out this eve and see what we can find.
  5. DrMoriarty

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    So how did you get on, delgirl...?
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    are those lidl sattellitee any good?
  7. oaky8

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    buy an active sky yellow house card on ebay for about 50 euro and you will receive all the freeview channels including bbc 1 and 2 , itv , and channel 4 or 5 . simply insert the card in your digibox and the channels will appear within 10 seconds . its great and no sky bills ..
  8. franmac

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    [are those lidl sattellitee any good?]

    Bought one in Lidl last January and get all the BBC channels 1,2,3,4, 24 hour news along with a number of other channels.

    The backup service is very good also, a couple of months ago we lost our BBC
    channels and when we rang the helpline we were told that Sky had scrabbled them and were advised on what to do to retrieve them.
  9. jasconius

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    I have FTA but cannot get E4
    Is it receivable in Ireland ?
  10. gordongekko

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    E4 is not a FTA channel and is likely to remain so until at least 2008
  11. GreatDane

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    What happened / what did you do ?

    btw - is quite handy for channel listings, frequencies etc