How about using AAM as a voice box for people that have similar issues

Discussion in 'Suggestion box' started by mercman, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Ask About Money is now used by many for a variety of reasons. Those that wish to make others aware; those that wish to advise; those that wish to help; those that need help and those that wish to Rant.

    Coupled with all of these the user list is endless -- Professionals, Politicians, Bankers, Directors and the mass Populous.

    There are many threads and Posts that crop up where many persons are in disarray and are desperate, and there are also many posts where useful answers are offered.

    Why isn't this Website used as a 'Voice for the people' ? In many situations where enough posters come together and a legitimate problem exists, don't the moderators appoint a panel or person to represent those effected, to present a case to the entity that have power to make a possible difference.

    Just a thought that might gain mileage.
  2. Brendan Burgess

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    Hi Mercman

    Interesting point, but I don't see it as the role of askaboutmoney.

    Askaboutmoney is a discussion forum. It's not the Consumers Association.

    I am a bit wary when I am asked to give a journalist a comment, about them attributing it to "Brendan Burgess of Askaboutmoney". I used to try to explain that "These are my personal views" but it's not always appropriate.

    We have provided a forum in the past for specific campaigns e.g. The ptsb SVR campaign; The IBRC Mortgage Holders Group. At your excellent suggestion, we set up this forum
    [​IMG] Financial Consumer Campaigns

    The country does need a professional and effective Consumers Association, and Askaboutmoney might host it or support it. But we would not run it.


    But your idea could be the basis for a Financial Consumers Association.