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Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by onway, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. onway

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    A few weeks ago I saw a hoover in a newspaper which is specifically for hoovering up the ashes in an open fire and can be used on hot ashes . I forgot to keep the cutting from the paper - does anyone know where I can get one???
  2. murphaph

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    Was it a hoover or an attachment for a hoover? Lidl sells attachments from time to time (there are some in the Bakestown and Ballyowen stores if they're near you) or call Lidl customer sevices on 1800 347 447 to locate one near to you.

    They are essentially just a metal box with a metal hose which means hot embers are vacuumed up but fall to the bottom of the box and can't get into your plastic vacuum cleaner. Simple but very effective things.


  3. lorna

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    just google "ash vacuum" and you will find the ash wizard. also see they are on ebay.co.uk
  4. Staples

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    Plenty in Woodies, Carrickmines. A few different types. About 30 euros. don't have one so can't comment on their effectiveness.
  5. mathepac

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    Also sold as "Ash Guard" and "Ash Master" in various DIY and hardware shops.
  6. Jane Doe

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    Will they work with any vacumn or does it have to be a wet and dry vacumn?
  7. Bluebells

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    The one in the picture needs to be attached to your regular vacuum cleaner. There is a newer model which has its own motor. I have seen the other one used, its a bit awkward getting out the hoover each time, but not having dust swirling around is big plus. Am thinking of getting the new one - Scullery Maid has left.
  8. Jane Doe

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    What is it called? link?

    Are they really clean as they say

    Thank you
  9. Derekp

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    the one thats connects to domestic hoover are useless. I have one somewhere that i never use..
  10. born2bl8

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    I posted on here previously about this


    and funnily enough am only after buying one this morning from local hardware store, it's a

    deville ash vac

    i payed 79 euro for it

    they also had the ones that require a seperate vacuum cleaner for 32 euro, loads of those left but I got the last one of the self powered ones, i have also heard that the ones that you attach to your household vac are not as good as the self powered ones

    mine worked a treat when i tried it today

    hope that helps

  11. Magunn

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    Agree. Terrible waste of money.
  12. Gardena

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    The new Ashvac is now available in two brands . Firstly the Deville brand is available from all Woodies & Atlantic stores nationwide aswell as most leading hardware stores. The Proplus brand is also available from all leading hardware stores nationwide. Both are identical models retailing at €89.99. Stocks are there now .Fantastic product !!
  13. irishlinks

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    I have had both types - the first was the type that attach to your vacuum cleaner. It worked fine - but we lost a little plastic tube and couldn't use it. The newer one - with it's own motor is probably a better "sucker" and less hassle to use - but the air coming out of it is a bit dusty - the one that connected to a vacuum didn't seem to have that problem. (But i suppose it depends on the vaccum cleaner you use)
  14. ophelia

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    My Mum got one of those self-motored ash vacuums and unfortunatly she found it useless. Can't remember the brand name but it was so not doing the job it was meant to do that she had to return it. I think it cost about e80. There is some kind of valve on top that you have to keep 'purging' almost like you would a petrol powered lawnmower when you first start it up. This valve kept getting clogged with ash.
  15. Thirsty

    Thirsty Frequent Poster

    Stick with the brush & shovel lads! :p
  16. Sue Ellen

    Sue Ellen Moderator.

    Dunnes have one advertised at the moment for €22.99 which they say is designed for use with a powered vacuum and called the Pro Plus Ash Filter. Its in their Christmas catalogue.
  17. Dearg Doom

    Dearg Doom Frequent Poster

    I have one of the ones that you use with the hoover and I find it quite good. I find that you have to give the filter a good clean after every use, but it it was definitely worth the €25 it cost me.
  18. Bluebells

    Bluebells Frequent Poster

    25% discount on self powered one in Woodies at the moment.
  19. Carpenter

    Carpenter Frequent Poster

    I bought one of those Deville ash master devices that you connect to your domestic vacuum cleaner- bit disappointed really; the suction is poor and the filter clogs up pretty quickly. Hardly worth the effort in dragging the whole thing out each time to clean the fire. I'm sure the self powered one is a big improvement but the filter issue is still a weakpoint in the whole idea.