Halifax Visa Debit Card - Beware of Issues

Discussion in 'Banking, credit cards, etc' started by cool_cat, 3 Oct 2007.

  1. cool_cat

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    Having recently switched my current account to Halifax, I thought I was getting a "best of both worlds" debit card in the Halifax Visa Debit Card.

    I was told it was accepted in all retail outlets which support Visa worldwide, and on the web, and could also be used for cash-back transactions where supported. Unfortunately, after using the card for 1 month, I am seriously considering switching back to Laser. The reason?

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of situations where the card is not supported:

    NCT Test Centre - not supported
    LIDL - not supported
    ALDI - not supported
    My local petrol station - not supported
    Vodafone online top-up - not supported
    Tesco - cashback not supported

    I don't use the card that much so it scares me to think how many more of these issues there are out there. Just wanted to share this in case anyone else was considering it. Feel free to add to the list if you are in the same situation...will compile and send to Halifax.
  2. Dearg Doom

    Dearg Doom Frequent Poster

    In fairness, Lidl don't accept any cards other than Laser (or Switch and Solo in N.I.) so that's not the fault of Halifax.
  3. cool_cat

    cool_cat Registered User

    Yes but Halifax are selling their card as a replacement for Laser...they should at least pre-warn people of places where Laser is accepted but Visa isn't - I didn't know Lidl only accepted Laser.
  4. thomasd

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    VISA debit is an internationally accepted card just like VISA credit, so these retailers are really backward if they can't accept it!
  5. bond-007

    bond-007 Frequent Poster

    Aldi only accept Laser also. I believe the issue is the fee that they are charged for Visa and Mastercard transactions circa 2.5% whereas Laser is a flat 25 cent fee.
  6. Guest124

    Guest124 Guest

    Another flawed Product in the Irish marketplace!
  7. desperatedan

    desperatedan Frequent Poster

    Hi cool_cat

    I highlighted this problem in an earlier thread in relation to Billpay.ie and the Irish on-line hotel booking site HotelsIreland.com.

    I don't actually think Halifax is to blame for this, but I believe things will improve as soon as this card becomes more widely used in Ireland.

    In fairness, the Visa Debit is an Internationally known and accepted debit card, which certainly is not the case with Laser.
  8. gipimann

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    I spoke to a long-time Laser card user who remembers similar difficulties when Laser was first introduced here - there were very few outlets accepting it at first.

    I suppose we'll just have to give it time to "catch on"!
  9. aura

    aura Frequent Poster

    The issue is that the retailers you have mentioned are taking a while to update their systems! I've used my card in Spain and it was great not having to go to a cash point so often - and you don't get charged for using it within a Euro zone - happy days!
  10. balkanhawk

    balkanhawk Registered User

    Just opened a joint current account with Halifax. They informed us directly when we were filling out the paperwork that there were a few stores who were not accepting the debit card. I appreciated being informed of this as we had to think about it for a few days. In the end we went ahead and opened the account.
  11. askU

    askU Frequent Poster

    Have any of these issues been resolved. Is it now a good or bad Visa debit card?
  12. MugsGame

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    Anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards will also accept Visa debit cards, though may not offer cashback. If a merchant that accepts credit cards says they don't support it because they don't recognise it, insist that they try it anyway. Lidl and Aldi don't accept credit cards, but should accept Visa debit in future.
  13. bond-007

    bond-007 Frequent Poster

    It will probably take another year to convince the staff that they can accept visa debit cards.
  14. c02

    c02 Guest

    I've been harassing Halifax customer service about the Lidl/Aldi issue for the past year.

    In November 2008:
    In March 2009:
    Upon being notified that Lidl were *still* refusing Visa Debit, Halifax replied (March, 2009):
    Their investigation amounted to this:
    I think the net result is that Halifax haven't a clue themselves what the situation with Aldi/Lidl is....

    My own experience with Lidl is that if you mention "Visa Debit" to them, you'll get a straight "NO", but if you slyly ram the card into their terminal before they can even see it, the payment goes through about 50% of times.
  15. bond-007

    bond-007 Frequent Poster

    It is the very same with maestro cards. You need to slide the card in fast to stop them seeing it. They are programmed to say no to everything except Laser.