FSO made wrong judgement

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Historic case.We took out Term Life insurance 1984 on my husband.All went fine until Irish Life took over policy,and claimed it was a "Whole of life unit linked policy" and started to increase premiums.After much frustrating arguments with IL,I appealed to FSO in 2007.My case was turned down,which I felt was a Wrong judgment.The reviewer didn't seem to know anything about different types of life policies,and also claimed that we were mis sold the policy.Not so,the policy schedule is very clear.We had the option of going to the High Court,couldn't afford that.IL eventually refused my premiums when I wouldn't sign up to their increases.
Last October,I contacted FSO again,They are not willing to review as they say that their original decision is binding.
I have reviewed the correspondence from Il again,and I note that they decided in 2003 to"inject the plan" with 831euro(the amount of my 2004 premium).This is not how a term life policy is worked,I did not authorize Il to tamper with my policy conditions in any way.I consider IL to have broken a legally binding agreement.
Leaving the original complaint aside,does anyone consider that I have grounds for a completely new review of this dispute.I did not raise this issue in my original complaint.
I hope I have made myself clear.


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You are at nothing, you have been adjudicated, it went against you, may I respectfully suggest that you leave this behind you and carry on with your life.