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We had a new kitchen fitted three and a half years ago. It included movable under-counter units that give easy access to corner spaces. It is just me and my wife now, so the units never had to cope with child or teenager exuberance.

This week the mechanism of one of the movable corner units came apart. We called the company’s fitter who came to examine it and said it was wear and tear, and the entire unit needed replacement, costing just under a thousand, including fitting. No option to repair. No longer covered by guarantee. No offer even to sell us replacement parts so that we could try repairing it ourselves.

This seems wrong to us. We expected our new kitchen to see us out, or at least to be in good working order for ten years, having chosen to go with a reputable Irish manufacturer who was well able to charge.

Are our expectations reasonable, and should we pursue this? Any feedback welcome, thank you.
Have you been storing heavy or cumulatively heavy items in the units in question?

Our fitted kitchen has served us remarkably well but the areas where we have respectively stored cutlery and pots and pans have needed periodic ongoing attention and repairs.

Perhaps a handyman might have a more economic solution?
For an expensive fitted kitchen I would expect 10 years without any problems. My own kitchen, second hand, has a corner unit, 2 metal shelves, that move out as it's corner, I use it for fruit and vegetables, it works perfectly and has done so for 20+ years.

Having to remove a unit would be impossible, I'd never manage to track down the kitchen company or match the current units. Can the part not be removed and a new one put in?

A picture would be helpful.
3.5 years would not be the expected lifespan of a standard kitchen. The Small Claims Court could get you a result here, it's unlikely the kitchen company would testify that their kitchens are not designed to last that long.
Thanks all. It seems from the comments that my sense of entitlement to redress is reasonable.
Having been assured by the company in writing that we have to pay for the replacement unit and for the fitter, today I opened a claim in the Small Claims Court. (Thanks to Leo for the nudge)
I will let you know how it goes.
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