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Brendan Burgess

Pensions Board has good information
Irish Pensions Board: 1890 65 65 65
Occupational Pension Schemes FAQs from The Irish Pensions Board

Glossary of Pension Terms from the IAPF
Glossary of Pension Terms from the Pensions Ombudsman (pdf)

Office of the Pensions Ombudsman
The Pensions Ombudsman investigates and decides complaints and disputes involving occupational pension schemes and Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs). He is completely independent and impartial.

The Friendly Guide to Pensions from Paul Kenny the Pensions Ombudsman. A 120 page PDF

Pensions made Easy form the financial regulator pdf

Occupational Pension Schemes from Oasis - a very good summary of Occupational Pension Schemes in Ireland

Occupational Pensions from Comhairle

Irish Association of Pension Funds

Actuaries who will advise on early retirement/commutations options:
John McCarthy 846 2507
John O'Connell of Trident Benefit Consulting 485 0397