Do upper approx costs

Daddy Ireland

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A small 3 bed bungalow in poor order which has not been lived in for 20 years has come up near me in the countryside at a low price. Any builders out there hazard a guess on the following main costs:
Strip tiled roof and new tiled roof
Install central heating
Triple glazed windows and front door
Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Check whether planning will be required to bring it back into use and the local authorities appetite for that. Waste treatment will likely be a factor.

More details, particularly on size will likely be required. Bear in mind that such a renovation job will fall under the EU EPBD regulations, and the end result will need to achieve a B2 or better rating.


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I cant help with costing but currently going through something similar myself and before commencing work you should get an asbestos survey done. We have asbestos in our ceilings and as we are getting a rewire done the ceilings will need to be taken down. This requires specialist comapny to come in and remove them and dispose of accordingly ensuring no fibres remain in air afterwards. Many older homes contain asbestos in ceilings, pipe work, roof tiles, insulation boards etc...


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You really need to get a builder to have a look at it for you. This could be anything from 20k to 100k+, depending on lots of factors.
The last one I looked at was for sale at around 70k but wasn't worth doing. Any wood in the house would have to be stripped out, new roof, electrics, central heating, replaster, new kitchen, floors and decorating, and cavity insulation. Line chimney, install stove. There was potentially an issue with septic tank, a private well to be sorted out, about 30 very mature trees needed to be cut, and a proper boundary established. All to end up with a relatively small house worth maybe 150k.