1. Brendan Burgess

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    Liam D Ferguson & Associates

    Mortgages, pensions, insurances and investments.


    Mortgage protection and life assurance.


    Pensions, investments and insurances.


    Mortgages and insurances.

    Prima Finance

    Insurances, loans, savings and investments, pensions.


    Mortgages, insurances, pensions and investments.


    Home, motor, life, travel, mortgage protection insurances.

    Simply Mortgages

    Mortgages, personal loans, life and pensions, home and travel insurance.

    Britton Insurance

    Car, home and business.
  2. Brendan Burgess

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  3. Brendan Burgess

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    I think it would be useful to update this list. Would the companies involved like to post a short summary of the deals they have on offer? Not a complete price list, but the key points where they reckon they are value.

    Avoid advertising puff.

    If you don't want to post under your name on Askaboutmoney, email me the details at burgess7@eircom.net

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    From LA Brokers - actually giving Askaboutmoney users a further discount. I think this is a first:

    LABrokers offer discounted life assurance and mortgage protection. For readers of Ask About Money if they enter discount code ASKABOUTMONEY on the home page they will receive a greater level of discount on mortgage protection and life assurance than is available on the public LABrokers.ie web site.

    We offer a range of PRSAs on nil commission terms ie 0% entry on each and every contribution for the life of the policy plus an max annual management charge of 1%. There is NO fee for this service.

    Single premium investments are offered on a nil initial and nil renewal commission basis for a max one off fee of EUR150.00.
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    'Execution Only' PRSAs with Eagle Star with just 1% AMC

    Facility extended to Personal Pensions(RACs), Executive Pensions and ARFs/AMRFs at 1% AMC. Buy-out-Bond has an AMC of 0.85%. Equity, Property and Commodities index-trackers available.

    This http://www.investandsave.ie new website may be of interest to those of you that have a minimum of €5,000 to invest from the outset.

    The Fund Management Charge is 1% on the 27 Funds currently available (12 Index Tracking & and 15 Active)

    No Bid/Offer and No Early Exit Penalties

    Four Free Fund Switches & Four Free Fund Redirections in any one policy year.

    NB : A Partial Encashment has to be greater than €1,000 and the residual value of the policy thereafter must be €2,500. There is a partial encashment charge of €20.
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    Flat fee based mortgage broker with full commission refund.

    €1500 fee consisting of
    1)€500 to be paid on obtaining loan offer
    2)€1000 to be paid on drawdown of mortgage.

    Full commission then refunded to client less an administration fee charged by the packager. (Minimum fee is €250, maximum fee is €750)
  8. tmartins

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    All broker companies are more or less independent (usually less to be honest, as everyone has to earn money), but I found Mortgages & Loans Ireland very useful. It provides mortgage seekers with far better solution than just one offer or time consuming research on many companies to get more offers. I used that recently to find a broker and I was really happy having a choice without wasting my time. I didn't use its Rate My Broker section yet but that's very interesting as they let people comment and rate broker companies. Actually there are not many comments, just found 2, but the more people put their opinions the better as that's always information from the first hand... far better than ads or company websites.
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    Any connection tmartins?
  10. tmartins

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    No, basically that's the the only really useful information about mortgage brokers I can share with people here.. and it looks like I am not the only one - look here. This service is just an excellent idea.
  11. GarS

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    65% Discount on first year's premium - Life & Mortgage Protection
    10% Discount on first year's premium - Income Protection
    We also offer Home Insurance & Mortgage Repayment Protection which covers your monthly payments for up to twelve months in case of redundancy or illness.
    Instant online quotes available for all of the above.
  12. NorthDrum

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    50% Discount on First Years premiums - Life Assurance
    50% Discount on First Years Premiums - Income Protection

    We do not give advice on Stocks and Shares but have an agency with Dolmen Stockbrokers. Its an execution only service with lower charges available on request .

    All Subject to Terms and Conditions . .
  13. paddy26

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    Offering up to 70% back on the first year's premium for Life Assurance and Mortgage Protection. SmartQuotes do not exclude monthly direct debit payers from the discount and offer the facility for the discount to applied monthly.

    For other discounts see www.SmartQuotes.ie
  14. NorfBank

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    Midlands based discount broker offering to beat your quote on an identical policy.

    Mortgage protection, life insurance, income protection available - advice based so you can actually speak to a qualified financial advisor instead of just ticking a box.

    Instant online quote facility available.
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    This is the thread i have been looking for:) Friends i am in dire need of recommendations for a reasonable broker for personal protection insurance and advice on PI insurance? please also mention approximate quotes that i should be expecting from the mentioned brokers just to be prepared. thank you:)