CU Loans for pensioners with no income, but own their own house?


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Hi folks,

Rang my local CU today but couldn't get through. Figured I'd throw a question up here in the off chance anyone may know.

My dad is 70, and retired, claiming a state pension. So no 'real' income. However, he does own his house outright. He's getting a bit older now and looking to stick a bedroom into the ground floor, with a cost of approx €30k.

Would the CU lend in these circumstances? Presumably they can get a legal charge on the house so they can recoup if he decides not to repay (or dies)? I have told him I'd go guarantor on the loan (I'm also a CU member) but I don't think Guarantors are a thing anymore?

Anyone got any advice at all? Or other suggestions on perhaps a better approach to doing this?



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Does your local council do any grants for adding on for mobility issues? I know we got one for my father but that is a good few years ago, like your Dad only state pension and owned the house. The grant didn't cover the lot but it was a nice contribution! Put on bathroom/bedroom, his house was assessed in case a stairlift would work but it wouldn't so no option but to build on.

He wasn't that bad mobility wise when he got the grant, he had his hip replaced but could see the stairs was going to be a problem long term.


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Like monbretia says check with local council. We are in the process of getting all the assessments done for the application.