Competent Solicitor for separation/divorce?


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Would anybody have recommendations for a serious solicitor who knows her/his law and would be familiar with the Circuit Court in Dublin? I hear of so many people changing solicitors during cases. Somebody with an upfront, reasonable pricing structure is necessary who can wrap this up sooner rather than later would be important.

If they have a great reputation but are cheaper than Dublin solicitors, would there be any downsides in employing a family law solicitor from outside Dublin for a case in the Dublin Circuit Court? Thank you.


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Be aware of is the "emotional investment" you have in the process.

If you are not been told what you want to hear then in your eyes the solicitor may be "useless".

The law and "fairness" are not the same.
Fairness is very subjective and is linked to self.

Listen to the advice with your head not your heart.