Central Bank tells consumers to check if their financial services are Brexit ready

Brendan Burgess


Financial services providers who are offering services here from a base in the UK under EU passporting rules, need to take steps to ensure they can continue to operate here, she said.

Such businesses should have contacted their customers by now to inform them about their plans to continue providing services in the market and if not, what plans they have put in place for the customers.

"If you have received such a letter or other communication, I would urge you to take the time to read it and consider its contents," she said.

"If you have not heard from your service provider and are concerned, you should contact them and find out if you will still be able to use their product or services after 31 October and, if not, what plans they have in place for their customers."

How do I know where my financial services provider is operating from?

I bank with AIB so I presume that is ok.
I bank with UB in Northern Ireland - but it's not a critical bank account. I assume it will continue in action after Brexit.

My car insurance is with "RSA Insurance Ireland DAC" who describe themselves as "Authorised Insurers"

My house insurance is with Allianz via Frank Glennon.

My health insurance is with Laya - "Elips Insurance Limited" is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

So, all in all, I assume I am ok.

But it would be very handy if the Central Bank published a list of companies which are based in the UK and operating here under EU passporting rules.