Car Theft and next steps


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Looking for some guidance please. My wifes car was stolen and burnt out over the weekend. She has notified the insurance company and started the process for claiming. She has comprehensive cover with ITS4WOMEN. She needs a car to travel for work so we are looking for guidance in terms of what to do whilst the claim is in progress. Should see seek loan approval now from a bank and purchase a new car. Do banks offer a short term loan to cover cost of car up until the insurance comes through (assuming it does) This is completely new to us so trying to figure out the best approach forward. She may be able to borrow a friends car for a couple of weeks but not any longer. I was told by an insurance expert it could be resolved in 2 weeks but I would also not be surprised if this took longer. The insurance company have also said they do not provide a replacement car in the meantime. TIA

Brendan Burgess

Can you rent a car?

It might be worth ringing around and seeing if you could get a deal.

Or if you are in a city, you could use Gocar.