Car Hire savings Spain, cancelling and rebooking.

Mucker Man

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I booked a car from Hertz in March 2023 for our family holiday in Spain (Malaga Airport) at the beginning of June 2023 for €365 for 1 weeks hire, yesterday I rechecked the prices and it was only €210 for the same car from Hertz. I cancelled the original booking and booked at the new lower price.

It might be advantageous for people to check if they have a cancellable booking, perhaps all car hire rates are dropping.


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I've done this multiple times with car hire in Spain.

I find the closer it gets to the hire date, the cheaper the rate is.

Booked a car for a week in January for €97. Re-booked about 4 days before travelling and got it for €28!

Just be careful to make the second booking before cancelling, just in case there is any issue.


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Car Rental services suffered through first two years of Covid and even before that developed a reputation of "screwing" people who did not take out their full insurance. They've learned since and like Mucker Man and Callybags play car rental roulette i.e enquire online as far away from your arrival date as you can. The rental firms want your business now and if you can ignore their interim offers, likely you'll get cheapest rental days before you are due to arrive.

Watch out for flash car rental sales too. These may not be included in your "roulette" situation so keep a close eye from about six weeks before you travel. Usually, in flash sales full insurance is included. We paid €600 for a five week car rental in starting late February which included full insurance. One thing to remember if you hit a dog/cat with your rented car the "full" insurance doesn't cover the damage. If you hit a fox, badger or other wildlife you are fully covered.