Best way to find a 2-3 month summer rental next year


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Now that remote working/working from home is the norm, I'd like to extend our family holiday next year and rent somewhere in the west of Ireland for a few months over the summer. But I'm not sure what the best way is to go about it.
Airbnb is the obvious option, but I'm hoping I can get better rates if there was a site/company that specialised in longer term stays.
Anyone have experience or recommendations?


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daft do holiday homes rentals, but bear in mind, you are looking at peak season, in a popular area of the country. Most of these holiday homes rent by the week in the summer. They are usually occupied June to August and idle for large portions of the rest of the year (September - May).

Expect to pay a really huge premium if you want a house in a desirable place of west ireland for say July and August in their entirety.
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You might get somewhere occupied by students for the rest of the year in certain parts of Galway/Limerick/Sligo


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No one can tell what's going to happen next summer. I would imagine that anyone renting out a place now, for next summer, will want near enough full payment when people book. Needless to say, that comes with its own problems if you want your money back, were Covid to hamper the holiday season.


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Interested in Tipperary? Lol.

From an Airbnb host perspective, I will rent at av 6 nights a week from end of May to late August. About 10k income (it would be higher in Connemara)

But then the costs and time of cleaning, maintenance and general managing.

If someone offered me €1500 - €1800 a month, I'd probably do a deal. (I'm currently doing a 3 month rental at €1100 including everything except electricity)

So, you are probably looking for some place that the owner is not too local and would like the hassle free idea of one family. Offering 50% of what they would get from Airbnb would be reasonable.

But one issue you may find is that many periods are already booked at this point, so maybe the local estate agent is the better option