Best place for a car loan?


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I'm looking into getting a new car, best options are the moment I believe are selling my car privately getting as much as possible and then purchasing a car + finance, but the dealers are not offering the best rate I believe. Anyone any advice on where to get the best car loan?
I could have bought my last car with 0% finance from the main dealer but the trade in I was being offered on my own car was a lot less if I was going for the 0% finance offer.

Without a trade in, 0% finance was only available at the list price, whereas a discount off list price could be got if buying without using the dealers 0% finance offer.

In both cases for me anyway, 0% finance was still costing a lot. Like everything you have to crunch the numbers, 0% finance might or might not be a good deal..
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Sorry for delay. I plan to import a second hand EV from UK mainland or NI, so I'm not looking for finance from a dealer. The best rate I can get is from An Post @ 6.9%, but I've heard of others getting rates as low as 3.5% from their credit unions???

My own credit union is offering only 8.5% for an EV.