At a loss - 3 financial institutions have not followed through in some of their processes


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Hi guys

I posted before but this is an aged issue so looking for guidance really or help pointing out where the banks failed or next step

Myself and my husband were adjudicated bankrupt in 2014, we surrendered our family home to the ISI and left the property.

Ulster Bank were reporting incorrectly the CCR. I filed a complaint and they removed inaccurate reporting. I complained to FSPO at the same time. Sorted .....

Ulster Bank sell the property as part of a portfolio to promontoria scariff in error I believe and never passed on our bankruptcy status.

Then Cabot financial who were acting on behalf of promontoria scariff started reporting in error to the ccr.

Again I made a complaint to Cabot which they corrected and removed from ccr. Advised promontoria scariff. At the same time I reported issue to fspo.

Just when I thought this was all behind us I get a letter from BDO saying promontoria scariff had appointed them as reciever on the property. A property that was surrended to isi 6 years ago

I will have to report this to the FSPO and start the complaint process all over again with promontoria scariff. We went to the bankruptcy route to ensure we had done everything legally and it has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Surely 3 financial institutions have not followed through in some of their processes. Otherwise this would not have happened ?

Interested to hear your thoughts, I hope I have explained it