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Hi, My teenage son has been to a psychotherapist and Occupational Therapist in Mayo and he has indicators for high functioning ASD.
We have just moved to Dublin and Im trying to follow up now for him to go for assessment and diagnosis.
Some options are
1. Lucena clinic but local one doesnt specialize in ASD
2. "Assessment of Need" apparently we can self refer but im concerned he may age out
3. Private assessment.

Has anyone experience of assessment with teenager? Are there long waiting times.

Can anyone recommend private practice/psychiatrist specialising in this area?

Aby input appreciated


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Only real option at the moment for suspected level 1 autism is private assessment. CAMHS is next to impossible to get into if autism is suspected, AON doesn’t provide autism diagnostic services anymore.

There’s a big mix of private professionals offering diagnostic assessments. Ask the school or ASIAM for recommendations of reputable private practices.

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