Are we taking uninsured driving seriously?

That's easily dealt with. It's a legal obligation under the Road Traffic act to produce your licence when asked for it by a Gardai. Pass a simple amendment to the act to remove the 10 days presentation piece and impound the car until a licence is produced. People will learn very quickly to carry it.

Exactly; as happens in Germany (and probably many other European countries). Isn't it strange that our competent (sic) lawmakers failed to include such a provision in the first place?
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And did it strike you that uninsured and unlicenced drivers are unlikely to give the Garda their right name! :D
Seriously? Do you think they are all driving stolen cars? You know it's a criminal offence to provide a false name?

Once they fail to produce at a station (as is required when you don't show them on the scene, who do you think the Gardai will call to?

I note that the trial of digital driving licences has been deemed a success and we will all be able to download digital copies of our licences to our phones 'by year end'. That digital copy will satisfy the requirement to carry your license while driving.
Offence happened in November 2022, but only got to court last week; so presumably he's been driving around uninsured for the past 16 months.
Great country! Great legislators! Great Scott!

Oh if only someone took a little piece of card off him, this never would have happened.

16 years old, therefore uninsured, unlicensed.

>140kph = braking distance of at least 80 metres o_O

The mother in the passenger seat should be prosecuted for endangering the life of her child as well as other road users, and she should be off the road for life. Unbelievable.
The car should be confiscated and sold at a police auction.

Where a vehicle is stopped and the drive is uninsured the car should be impounded immediately. Unless the driver can show a very good reason for driving without insurance the vehicle should be confiscated and sold. If the driver does get the car back they should have to pay a fine and the full cost of impounding their vehicle before it is returned. If they don't pay the fine and costs within 7 days the car should be confiscated and sold.

The same should happen for those driving with high levels of drugs and/or alcohol in their system. Criminal prosecutions should follow.