Apartment - dedicated car space & floor.....

Marco 1972

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Quick query, what is a rough estimate % increase or decrease even in value as you go up floors in an apartment dev and value of dedicated parking provision,

for example is there a difference between a 2 bed on ground flr to similar on 3rd flr and what value does parking provision provide?

on the cusp of 2 LPT Bands and surrounded by BTL and units with no dedicated parking and prices fluctuating....


The only value in floors is if you can get the top floor, as then you don't have noise from above which seems to be almost always from above. Views could be a factor for top floor as well and privacy from other buildings. Another is whether there is a (reliable) lift or not as then you would be trapsing up stairs which as you grow older may cause grief. Another to look out for in whether you are in between two apartments on the sides as well as below and above. Apart from the first case (top floor) I don't think it would have much bearing on the price. Parking adds a value starting from 10k but it really depends on whether there is on street available and the area.


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Ground floor can sometimes have a slight premium depending on access and gardens.