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Discussion in 'How to use Askaboutmoney' started by mister32, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. mister32

    mister32 Frequent Poster

    I am finding that while I'm getting some alerts to messages on central bank review forum

    I'm missing others

    Is there some problem with alerts?
  2. mister32

    mister32 Frequent Poster

    Can anyone help with the alerts?

    Not working for me for the central bank review forum.

  3. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    I rarely use alerts, so I have not noticed the problem.

    I have alerted this thread. Could you do the same and then respond to it please.

    I will also watch a few threads in the CB review forum. It would be easier to resolve if alerts were working for some forums and not others. It's hard to figure out why it would work for some threads...

    Ah, as I write this, a possible cause.

    I moved a few threads from the "Issues with tracker mortgages forum" to the Central Bank Review forum. I will repeat this with a test post. You might not be getting alerts for these.

    Mister 32 - did you get an alert about this post?

  4. CiaranT

    CiaranT .

    I use email alerts a lot and I have not noticed any issues.

    @mister32 - What email provider are you using?