Alert: Some Virgin 360 boxes do not allow you to record

Update #2

The “reset” when it came at 15:00 solved nothing. So, I phoned 1908 and waited for the usual thirty minutes, or thereabouts. The technician who took the call immediately spotted something which no one else had seen in the last twelve days; someone had frozen my account on May 31. They do this if a payment doesn’t appear in their account. (Not in my case; it simply shouldn’t have happened.) So, he reactivated my account and everything worked. (The reactivation of the account caused the landline number, which we’ve had for years, to change. They’re supposedly porting back the old number in the next couple of days.)

They agreed to not charge me for the twelve days of no service, but not a cent more. Poor form considering how much we’ve had to spend on mobile data while the service was down. I’m telling you about it now. I could so easily have been praising them and saying they’d given me a month’s refund. But, they’re brainless.

Despite the full reset of my account, I still can’t record tv.

One thing I learned today from the engineer; Sky and Vodafone are using VM’s cable network to deliver BB. I wonder if this means that SIRO will not be installed in my area? (Dublin 14) Also, if Sky and Vodafone are renting and reselling on the same network, they’re can’t be much room for price competition.

Roll on the day when we will use our phones as hotspots to power everything. (10G ?! )