Advice needed re underpayment of tax - undeclared carer's allowance


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Can anyone pls advise me …my husband recently started a new job and contacted revenue to move his credits to new employer. When he did they told him he would be placed on a week 1 tax cert and we would be looking at a large underpayment of tax over the last 4 years as I did not declare my carers allowance (my child is disabled). I honestly never knew carers was taxable but they are saying that we owe approx 11k and need to file returns asap from 2018 to 2021. My question is this,. I don’t believe I used all of my tax credits for some of them 4 years so for example if there is an underpayment in tax in 2018 and I didnt use all of my credits that year, can or will they be offset against an underpayment for that year? Any advice is greatly appreciated, this is keeping me up at night!


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Have you access to the credits you did claim? They should be available online here:

From the information you have provided, the credits potentially in play are:

Married Person3,3003,3003,3003,300
Employee PAYE Tax Credit (assuming one person in PAYE employment)1,6501,6501,6501,650
Home Carer's Tax Credit (max)*1,2001,5001,6001,600
Incapacitated Child Tax Credit3,3003,3003,3003,300
Qualifying Health Expenses20%20%20%20%

*The Home Carer's Tax Credit may not be available if the income of the home carer exceeds €10,400 (which would probably be the case if receiving the full carer's allowance rate).

If you have not claimed all your entitlements they should be available for offset against any tax due.