A forum on askaboutmoney to have a responsible discussion of politics

Discussion in 'Suggestion box' started by cremeegg, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. cremeegg

    cremeegg Frequent Poster

    I would like to suggest a politics subsection in AAM.

    There is a case that there are political decisions behind most financial issues, but to be honest that is not my reason for this suggestion.

    I just looked at another Irish website dedicated to politics, to read about a current political topic that interests me.

    The number of intemperate and abusive posts (not to mention the ads for Asian girlfriends) really put me off.

    AAM makes a valuable contribution to discussion of financial issues in Ireland, this could be extended to Politics. I have no doubt that the additional resources would be available and no doubt there would be many willing contributors.

    What do others think
  2. mandelbrot

    mandelbrot Former user

    I think the answer is in your suggestion - it'd end up turning AAM into politics.ie and suck the goodwill out of the place.

    To avoid it turning into politics.ie would require heavy modding, which would lead to cries of bias, censorship etc...
  3. RedDevil

    RedDevil Frequent Poster

    It would be most unwise
  4. cremeegg

    cremeegg Frequent Poster

    That is a bit defeatist.

    AAM is a better forum than politics.ie or the comments section of the IT. I have no doubt we could do a better job than either
  5. cremeegg

    cremeegg Frequent Poster

    Well if the ground rules were clear, like discouraging posters who express opinions without any supporting argument.

    But don't worry, I believe that you could get the hang of it in time.
  6. Janet

    Janet Frequent Poster

    Isn't this what the Letting off Steam forum was set up for? Despite the title. :)
  7. mandelbrot

    mandelbrot Former user

    You see now, this below is exactly why it would go down like a lead balloon. You asked what do others think, and red devil thinks it would be most unwise. And he gets this condescension back from you:

    This is Askaboutmoney, not Argueaboutpolitics. Brendan does a reasonably good job of preventing right/left squabbling on here, but that'd be impossible if you had your wish. Easy for you to say "we" could do a better job, when you wouldn't be the one with the thankless (and blameful) job of modding the ensuing snake pit... ;)

    Why not set up your own site if you feel there's a gap in the market, RightisRight.com?! :)
  8. cremeegg

    cremeegg Frequent Poster

    For someone to say"I think it is most unwise" without giving any indication of why he or she thinks that is unhelpful and rude. My response was intended to be humorous, apologies if my tone was off.

    I certainly would not like to detract from AAM but I do think that a lot of political discussion in Ireland is poorly informed and that a good politics forum could be a valuable contribution to Irish society.

    Obviously this would not be easy but I think that the prize is great.

    Of course I take your point about "we" and I am sure it would require effort but if some guidance was given I expect there would much support.

    I would not know where to begin
  9. tallpaul

    tallpaul Frequent Poster

    AAM is an oasis of calm, reasoned debate of financial and other issues relevant to - what I would guess - is the broadly 30-70 age bracket. It has none of the juvenility or tomfoolery of Boards.ie nor the nasty, passive-aggressive tribalism of Politics.ie. Despite these caveats, each of these sites have their purpose, usefulness at times and their own niche.

    Personally I would think it a mistake for AAM to broaden its remit any further. AAM is a site that I, and I'm sure many others, trust whereby the many knowledgeable posters provide advise and (more importantly!)common sense freely to others on money matters.
  10. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    Although Askaboutmoney may appear like an "oasis of calm", a lot of mods' time is spent resolving disputes. Z reports that X's post is out of order. It's usually on around page 3 of the thread. So a mod has to go back and look at the full thread and make a call. The mod decides to delete X's post and, by now, the 5 replies quoting it. The replies may contain comments unrelated to X's post, so these posters start complaining about why their post was deleted, and why could it not have been simply edited.

    And all this may be over an initial question "Should I go fixed or variable?".

    In the past we have had to suspend the discussion of perfectly valid topics, as they became impossible to moderate - House prices; Teachers' pay; public sector efficiency; Ryanair. Quite apart from the hot air being generated, the comments were often defamatory. After things cooled down, we were able to lift the suspension and allow the debate to continue. In the case of house prices, we limited the discussion to Frequent Posters , and it still deteriorated very quickly, so we had to suspend it again.

    I agree that such a discussion would be very welcome. But Askaboutmoney is just not the forum for it.

    Give it a go at setting it up yourself.

    I would strongly recommend that you insist that users user their real names and their real email addresses. They would be a lot more careful about what they say. You are more likely to get analysis rather than hot air.
  11. AgathaC

    AgathaC Guest

    Personally, I like AAM, as is.
    I've learned a lot here, and have received good advice, sometimes on non-financial matters. I've hopefully helped some people too.
    I like the fact that there is the 'don't ask about money' section where people can ask about things like holidays etc.

    I think there are plenty of other sites where politics can be discussed.
    So, it's a No from me.
  12. serotoninsid

    serotoninsid Frequent Poster

    AAM is a pragmatic space running along a financial theme. I think it would be better served leaving politics to politics.ie . Someone referred to the 'tomfoolery of boards.ie' - and that's come about for two reasons;
    1. It's so broad in scope - covering just about every subject under the sun.
    2. Certain sub-sections attract a certain type of contributor.

    Adding a politics sub-section would dilute the potency of what is a very good space specifically focused on all topics related to financial matters.
  13. Gerry Canning

    Gerry Canning Frequent Poster


  14. PaddyBloggit

    PaddyBloggit Frequent Poster

    and a no from me.
  15. dub_nerd

    dub_nerd Frequent Poster

    A definite NO from me.
  16. RainyDay

    RainyDay Frequent Poster

  17. MrEarl

    MrEarl Frequent Poster


    I must admit, I love the concept of a forum to discuss politics - the issues of the day, the way our political system operates and not least, the characters who are representing us.

    That said, I can see how it would have the potential to explode on a regular basis, politics and religion both bring people to the boil very quickly, so it would have to be a "free for all" forum.

    It could always be provided with a health warning before people enter, that they enter at their own risk but if matters get out of hand, the moderators here will just ban or suspend peoples memberships to Askaboutmoney.com without discussion or exception.
  18. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

    I get lots of abusive emails whenever a user is banned from askaboutmoney.
    I get accused of censorship; imposing my views on others; having a vested interest, etc.

    While I don't mind too much if it's in the cause of promoting balanced discussion of consumer, financial and economic issues, I don't need the distraction of the massive abuse which would arise from trying to moderate a political discussion.

    Also I would not like to lose some of the valuable askaboutmoney posters, because they misbehaved on a politics forum.

    But I would really love to watch such a forum and would probably post on it.

  19. Sue Ellen

    Sue Ellen Moderator.

    Its a definite NO from me as I think it would be as bad as allowing all of the above again in one forum.
  20. Gerry Canning

    Gerry Canning Frequent Poster

    From experience Brendan+ moderators have nuff on their hands keeping us on straight and narrow on our comments without throwing in the hand grenade of politics!