Announcement 2 weeks extra Paternity Leave from November 2019


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This was announced in the budget and covers both mothers and fathers. Fathers currently have 2 weeks paid leave for a newborn whereas from November 2019, it will be 4 weeks paid leave.

The wording of the announcement though was that the extra leave will be for child under the age of 1. So, lets say a baby born in December 2018, can the father take another 2 weeks paid leave at the start of November 2019 under this change??

Apologises but it's not clear what this means. Or does the extra 2 weeks only apply to babies born on or after 1st November 2019???


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When parental leave went from 1 to 2 weeks, you couldn't apply it to children born before the date it applied, even within the allowed time frame. Expect it's the same here, but your employer should be able to give you a definitive answer.


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The announcement was a bit confusing as it referred to 'Parental Leave', which at present is 18-weeks unpaid until the child is 8.
By announcing an 'extra' 2 weeks 'paid' leave before the child is 1, I think this will sit between the Maternity/Paternity and Parental leave arrangements.

For fathers this will mean 2 weeks paid before the child is 6months, another 2 weeks paid before the child is 1, so I hope they merge this into a 4-week period before child is 1 to make this more valuable for people to use.

For mothers it would mean 26-weeks of maternity benefit, option of additional 16-weeks leave without maternity benefit, and then 2 weeks paid again after that.

I hope they tidy up and clarify this point.

Still a long way to go!