2 mortgage protection policies for same mortgage

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    I am looking for advice on the following

    I purchased a mortgage with ebs with life mortgage cover .

    Cover for 45000
    24.00 per month

    I later got a top up mortgage . Ebs sorted my mortgage protection for the top up

    Total mortgage now 66000
    Cover for 66000
    29.00 per month

    Ten years have passed and I have realised that I have been paying two policies when in my understanding the first policy should have been canceled when I got a top up mortgage

    Any views would be appreciated
  2. Monbretia

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    It all depends. It was up to you to cancel the first policy if the second was sufficient, however if both policies were with same company and it was noted on the new policy that the old one was to be cancelled when new one was activated you probably have a case to get back what you paid as they wouldn't have carried out the instruction. Ask for a copy of the application form. However if no such note was there or it was a totally different company then I'm afraid the onus is on you to cancel it, no one can cancel it on your behalf, not the insurance broker or the bank. Now the EBS could have mentioned to you that it had to be cancelled but they would not actually be able to do it other than by way of asking for it to be done on activation of second policy as you would have signed confirming that on the new application form.

    I have got back up to 2yrs of payments back for customers in similar circumstances where the instruction to cancel on activation of new policy was not acted on by the insurance company but 10 yrs is a long time not to notice two debits going out, I couldn't figure out how someone could go 2 yrs paying twice not to mind 10. On the other hand had there been a valid claim both would have paid out.
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    If with same underwriter, they should look on it more compassionatly than if with two underwriters. If with two, then you could appeal to both to refund their proportion. it would not be a 50/50 split as there is a higher mortgage (risk) with the newer company, but someone good at maths should be able to work out the proportions.

    If you are arranging the policies through EBS, then I'd simply ask them to sort it out!
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    Sorry to hijack this post but it would seem the appropriate area to raise my question.

    On the 15th of November 2013 I wrote a letter to Ark Life Assurance informing them I wished to cancel my mortgage protection plan (quoting the reference) indicating we had arranged alternate mortgage protection with Irish Life. Can I point out that the letter contained our full address and contact details (no e-mail) and was addressed to a specific manager's name who was the Head of Life Ops, Ark Life Assurance with the address as 1 Park Place, Hatch St. Dublin 2.

    After I received no response from Ark Life I again contacted them on the 27th of July 2015 via e-mail asking for an update (don't ask me why I hadn't followed up previously but complatcency set in and I didn't check my bank statement to see I was paying two mortgage protection policies presuming it had been cancelled).

    I heard nothing and approached them again in August 2015; at this point I asked my wife to cancel but you know how communication can be so she never did cancel it.

    On the 15th of September 2016 I followed up again (after my wife asked why we were paying to mortgage protection plans!!) and I spoke to a customer representation who informed me that on the 27th of July 2015; "they had sent an e-mail reply indicating that they had checked their files and had no record of my cancellation letter on file. In addition the e-mailed stated that if I wished to cancel this plan I would need a signed written instruction by both plan owners. On receipt of this they would be happy to cancel you plan".

    Now the issue with this is for some reason my e-mail address that went to them (automatically added by G-mail) was missing a full stop. i.e. the e-mail never got to me because it was sent to an incorrect e-mail address.

    So when I called the other day they mentioned the communication about joint signatures and that they had sent an e-mail back to the e-mail address they had received. I have now been sent a copy of the e-mail from the 27th of July 2015 informing me the same thing about joint signatures and that they would be happy to cancel.

    So what position does this put me in?

    1. I didn't send the orgininal letter by registered post but did retain a copy; is it my fault that the letter was not processed internally or that customer services did not receive it?

    2. In the 27th of July 2015 e-mail they acknowledged the letter by saying they did not have a copy on file; was there no onus on them to contact me via telephone when I did not respond by e-mail (those details are available to them)?

    3. They emphasise all the time that they will only speak to the account holder and yet they require a joint signature. I do actually understand this but could I not get my wife to testify that she would gladly have signed a cancellation letter had we received a request to do so from Ark Life in July 2015?

    3. Do I have a case here to seek back mortgage payments from November 2013 or only from July 27th when they seem to first acknowledge the letter?

    4. I don't know if it is relevant but in March 2006 Ark Life settled on a previous mortagage protection policy (for another property) where they had failed to cancel that policy?
    At that time they admitted their had been an error on their behalf for failing to cancel that policy when a new policy came into force.

    It seems there is a question here on customer service communication in terms of process and acceptable means of contacting the customer.

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to give as much detail as possible.

    I would appreciate any advice in terms of how to proceed and if it is worth doing so.
  5. emeralds

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    So essentially between November 2013 and July 2015 you did not notice that your request to cancel the policy had not taken effect and that you were still paying into that policy?
  6. Porsche356ss

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    Yes, as embarrising as it is we took for granted that forwarding a letter would cancel the policy. I don't check our accounts as I leave this to my wife and it was only when she mentioned it to me again that I followed up again. I should say there was also some confusion that the broker through whom we secured the lower-priced policy from Irish Life was going to cancel on our behalf.
  7. Monbretia

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    The broker could not have cancelled it on your behalf unless you had given them a signed instruction from both of you to do so.

    You can trying making a case to them for some partial refund possibly back to the email debacle but really you left it too long and should have followed up sooner, yes they appear to be inefficient but so have you. Both policies would have paid out if there was a valid claim so you did have the cover even if you didn't want it.
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