1. MajorGreenhorn

    Sitting down with the Ombudsman as Mediation and my Financial Provider to discuss

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with the Mediation process with the Ombudsman and their Financial Advisor? We are due to meet with our Financial provider to discuss the resolution of our complaint against them regarding the tracker mortgage issue. What should we expect...
  2. V

    Mortgage Interest Rate Options Letters

    I am looking to get a copy of some mortgage option letters (redacted) that would have been sent out to customers after a fixed rate on their mortgage expired..... i am looking for AIB letters from 2002 to 2007 or any other bank option letters to use as a comparison with the letter I received...
  3. W

    Mortgage in own name negative equity

    Quick overview Bought a house with ex-partner in 2006. Broke up 2008. Had a mortgage on tracker for €220000. The mortgage was approx €680 a month excluding Bill's. We came to an agreement that ex paid €100 a month and I paid the rest of the balance including Bill's and I occupied the property...
  4. S

    AIB Tracker mortgage for Supplemental mortgage

    Our history We took out our original mortgage in Oct 2002 at SVR. In June 2006 we released equity and a supplemental mortgage was agreed. This supplemental mortgage was fixed at 4.75% in October 2006 and in 2009. When we came off the fixed rate we were not offered a tracker, hence the €1615...
  5. V

    AIB Why AIB will not honour their mortgage contract

    AIB’s new CEO Colin Hunt is satisfied with the banks current position not to honour the mortgage contracts of 6000 customers...but why? Is it because the central bank are satisfied with their argument? Are AIB willing to accept the damage to their brand as this issue gets dragged through the...
  6. V

    AIB Where would one find a record of AIB’s cost of funds?

    AIB withdrew the tracker for new customers based on the rising cost of funds....what was the rise in cost of funding from 2007 onwards?
  7. A

    Cerberus appoints receiver to Buy to Let

    RIP Ulster Bank Tracker mortgage that has historical arrears with UB sold to Cerberus. Was on a economic concession and never missed agreed payments. Was constantly looking for UB to roll up the arrears but they never did. I was dealing with PDH issues at the time which also had arrears also a...
  8. H

    Consent to rent on original PTSB tracker, but can we switch our variable???

    Hi All I'm new to, so please forgive any oversights on expected format. My wife and I purchased a house using a PTSB tracker @ 3.25%+ECB back in 2008 (perfect timing, I know!). Due to a windfall, we then managed to buy a new house in 2014 using an expensive PTSB variable...
  9. N

    AIB Charlie Weston: 'Tracker redress scheme far from finished, contrary to what banks would have us beli

    Charlie Weston has a good piece in yesterday’s Sunday Independent referencing the AIB 3.69%ers and Brendan Burgess Check it out here is case you missed it...
  10. G

    PTSB Refused Tracker on second mortgage

    In 2003 we took out a mortgage to purchase our primary residence, a tracker of ECB + 0.75. In Oct 2007 we used equity in our primary residence to remortgage to buy a site on which we hoped to build and move to. We asked for a top up of the first mortgage (verbal request) but was told no, that...
  11. N

    AIB Filling out Tracker Appeal form - deceased co-borrower

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew who signs or if it's necessary to have someone sign the appeal decalaration in place of a co-borrower who is dead? I can't find anything on this. Thank you
  12. L

    Tracker rate/fixed rate to svr

    Hi, my mortgage free download on a tracker & I moved to a fixed rate for 2 yes. However the fixed rate was tied into my mortgage moving to a SVR instead of back to the tracker. This was in 2007. The Bank are arguing that I was aware of the rate I would revert to after the fixed rate expired &...
  13. G

    interest only repayments

    Hello. Not sure if this is the right forum to pop the question. We are on a tracker with PTSB and I was wondering if we could avail of the interest only repayment. We are not defaulting in our repayments so I don't know if this is viable. Is it worth switching to an interest only repayment...
  14. E

    PTSB PTSB tracker with split mortgage looking to lease

    My partner and I purchased our home in 2007. After years of struggling to meet our payments on an unmanageable interest rate we were delighted to discover we were part of the PTSB redress scheme a couple of years ago where we were rightfully put on a tracker rate of ECB + 1.1%. Prior to that we...
  15. A

    Bank of ireland Tracker mover product - 5 year limit scrapped!

    I rang BOI and was told that the tracker mover is no longer just for 5 years but is now for the lifetime of the mortage. I was suprised as i had expected to see such a move in the news headlines or even discussed online and I can’t find any sign of it. Does anyone know anything here?
  16. G

    KBC KBC - redress amounts confirmed?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone who is due redress payment from KBC has had their redress amount confirmed yet? Aware that all redress payments are due by end June. Would be interested to see if letters of confirmation of final lump sum redress amounts have started to go out to any in-scope...
  17. M

    Aib think they are sorted! What about old conditions 2006 Manufactured rates eg 3.67% If they are sorted them why central bank open enforcement proceedings?
  18. 5

    KBC TRACKER Problems getting information/statements

    Hi ll Anyone else having problems obtaining historic mortgage statements FROM KBC. 4 phone calls, 4 promises and three weeks later and still waiting to receive statememts on my tracker mortgage. What in heaven are they hiding.
  19. D

    Tracker Mortgage that was split, with a portion going fixed

    I took out a mortgage with BOI in 2005 for 400k on a tracker rate of ECB + 1.10%. In 2006, we paid off 50k, and asked for 100k to be kept on the tracker rate, and 250k to be fixed for 5 years (I know, I know...) In 2011, when the fixed rate term ended, should we have been offered the tracker...
  20. M

    Aib Directors to be held to account

    Ed Sibley yesterday Rte Central Bank's Deputy Governor Ed Sibley confirmed in a speech that the bank was planning enforcement investigations against all of the country's main banks. But he said that individuals should...