tracker mortgages

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    Taoiseach got 100% tracker mortgage, why was i refused tracker with 100% mortgage?

    When I went to get my mortgage, the mortgage application was for a tracker mortgage. I was refused the tracker because I wanted a 100% mortgage. How does the Taoiseach have a 100% tracker mortgage?.....
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    confused about meeting with bank re:tracker redress and compensation what do i do?

    i had a meeting with the bank last week,and another meeting orgamnised for next week.They will have redress and compensation figure for me then.I havnet heard anyone else that they met perasonally.I am really nervous and unsure about what to do
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    Banks play by different rules

    Great article today's Sunday business post by Pat Rabbitte He says that politically it was necessary to show citizens that the bailout investment could be retrieved. With noises that the tracker scandal is finally being addressed (still to be seen) it is the variable rates scandal that next...