tracker mortgage

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    Second time buyer, positive equity & tracker mortgage

    Looking for advice/clarification. Intend selling our home and purchasing a fixer upper. If we sell our current home in NE, UB will give us the full amount we are looking for (purchase price 70k + renovation/extension costs 180k, with no deposit required) however if we sell our home in PE they...
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    Recommend law firm for tracker challenge

    Still not having been turned to tracker I am coming to the conclusion that my legal case is pretty good. But would like to get the best legal advice. If challenging one of the main banks who would be a strong legal firm, Dublin city centre to represent and advise? Thanks in advance. Best...
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    Residential tracker mortgage ptsb

    Hi Amy advice would be great. I currently have a tracker mortgage with PTSB. The apartment is in negative equity and I plan to rent out and buy a house as family is getting bigger not enough room. I want to apply for a mortgage with a different lender and NOT ptsb. My question is will the...
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    best place to purchase mortgage with existing tracker

    Hi there, we bought at the peek an apt, we have a tracker with KBC. Now we want to buy a house but dont know what the best deal with having a tracker already with KBC. We have 2 options 1) sell apt and buy new house and get new mortgage OR 2) rent apt (which will easily rent) and buy new...
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    Advise on Paying a Lump Sum off my mortgage and reducing term

    I got 100% mortgage (2007) and have 25 years left. There is 295000 euro left to pay and I am on Tracker 1.25% above ECB rate. I have 10000 euro in my bank account now and is thinking about 1. Paying this 10,000 lump sum towards my mortgage 2. Reduce my total term from 25 to 20 years. Is this...
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    Many customers will get letters in the next month

    According to Charlie Weston in the Indo today. I already shared this in the Ulster Bank thread but then realised it's relevant to all banks.
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    Danske Bank - no option to port tracker to a new home?

    Just wondering is anyone else in same position of not being able to avail of the same type of tracker movers on offer by most providers because their mortgages are in one the above 2 banks no longer operating in Ireland? I want to sell and move but stuck with no competitive alternatives to keep...
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    Taking name off mortgage

    Hello All, Just a request for some advice. Situation Myself and my ex-husband (divorced) are still joint holders of a tracker mortgage (1% + ECB) for a property in Cork in which neither of us lives. We have been trying unsuccessfully for a two years or so to sell it. There seems to be little...
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    My Bank of Ireland contract doesn't mention a tracker. Could I be entitled to one after fixing?

    I bought a house in 2003 with boi mortgage which was fixed at 2.99% for first 12 months, after which time I received a letter with 7 options including a tracker at 3.3%. If you didn't reply to letter (which i didn't) you were put on a 3.6% variable rate by default. Should the cheaper tracker...
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    Tracker with AIB

    hi looking for advice. I took out a tracker mortgage with AIB in 2003. A few years later we were advised by AIB to fix our tracker for 5 years. We took their advice and signed up to the fixed term. But shortly after somebody I knew in Aib rang me and told me to get out of the fixed rate asap and...