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    PSTB not offering tracker rate back in 2009

    I have a two mortgages on one property (taken out in 2007), they were split at the time to give me a staff rate for half the mortgage at the time. When I left I received a letter from PTSB stating my current rate option will end and the gave me new rate options for both mortgages. The gave me a...
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    AIB Where would one find a record of AIB’s cost of funds?

    AIB withdrew the tracker for new customers based on the rising cost of funds....what was the rise in cost of funding from 2007 onwards?
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    Taoiseach got 100% tracker mortgage, why was i refused tracker with 100% mortgage?

    When I went to get my mortgage, the mortgage application was for a tracker mortgage. I was refused the tracker because I wanted a 100% mortgage. How does the Taoiseach have a 100% tracker mortgage?.....
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    Report: Tracker Examination Drawing To A Close

    From the Irish Times today - there's an extensive interview with the Central Bank Governor where he chats about his aspirations to be appointed to the ECB. He discusses the Tracker Examination and how the public pressure this time last year caught them off guard. He mentions that their next...
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    Bank of Scotland Tracker mortgages transfered to Pepper Finances

    Just got a letter in the post saying this. Any thoughts anyone? I've never even heard of pepper a week ago. Would love feedback. Cheers, Justin
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    Irish Nationwaide mortgage from 2005

    Hi all, I had a variable rate mortgage with Irish Nationwide from 2005 which turned into the whole Shoreline / Pepper debacle. The mortgage is now a standard variable with BoI. I was originally never offered a tracker mortgage with Irish Nationwide - should I have been? If so do I have a right...
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    Two-pronged Tracker Query - help appreciated!

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been posted before (I perused the forums and found similar but not quite.....) I have a tracker mortgage with a friend on a house that is around 30k in 'positive' equity. He wants out and I want to keep it. Everything is very amicable. I'm happy for him to walk...
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    Danish journalist looking for Danske Bank customers

    Hi, I'm a journalist at the Danish financial media Finans Watch. I've been writing about the irish tracker scandal focusing on Danske Bank, the biggest bank in Denmark. I'm trying to get in contact with Danske customers that might have been affected by the case with the tracker mortgages. As...
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    Stonewalled by European central Bank

    Article says Honahan could find zero tracker cases forced off tracker due to arrears And secondly despite invitations the ECB refuses to attend the Oireachtas finance committee I do find it odd that ECB has not chosen to get involved in this tracker scandal. Are they not ultimately responsible...
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    Switching from a tracker

    I know, people will think I'm crazy. I'm an owner occupier in an apartment with 280k left on a 360k tracker mortgage with Bank of Ireland. I'll be buying a house to live in quite soon and was hoping to rent the apartment, but I need some more money for the house deposit. I've two questions...
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    Today in the papers

    Examiner Breaking this morning Irish times...
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    BOSI Tracker Issue

    With the recent media coverage with tracker mortgages I decided to investigate my own tracker mortgage rate. It turns out that my initial loan offer in 2006 was 1,25% over ECB, IO for the term of the mortgage (37 years). Then in 2008 (approx) I fixed the mortgage for 3 years as the rates were...
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    Padraic Kissane Rte radio 1 drive time 5pm today

    Hi Everyone Tune in at 5pm to hear Padraic being interviewed. After all the Oireachtas finance bank appearances. This should be good!
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    Number of homes losts in tracker scandal rises

    Here are some stories from the Oireachtas committee
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    Padraic Kissane Radio Kerry Interview Sept 29 2017

    Folks Listen to this radio interview with Kerry Radio yesterday Discusses KBC Wim Verbraeken One decade on
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    Article independent. Ie

    Article by Richard Curran
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    Next Governor appearance at Oireachtas finance committee

    Anybody know when the Central Bank Governor will appear next at the Oireachtas finance committee? October? I believe the last time was April at which he reassured people that *all* the issues would be resolved because they were doing a time consuming thorough review of all accounts. So if the...
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    Tracker story summary in today

    There is an update in the Generally highlights how the banks are dragging their heels and are declining to give updates on their reviews. Fair play to the journalist
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    Richard Curran: Time for plain talking about who is to blame for tracker scandal

    Article by Richard Curran About who will take responsibility for the entire tracker mess He draws a nice parallel between the systemic behaviour of the banks during the boom lending And the behaviour of the same banks when they refused to return customers to tracker subsequently. The common...
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    KBC Has anyone got tracker back from KBC

    Hi my case is with KBC. Has anyone got tracker back from KBC