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    BOI move to fixed rate and lose overpayment benefit

    I have a loan of 35.4K at a rate of 4.35% which I currently have a letter from BOI to reduce fix to 2.9% for 2 years. I currently overpay this by €150 but my understanding is that most you can overpay on the fixed rate will be €65/month I also have a the main mortgage of 123K on a tracker of...
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    Deemed not impacted by KBC not getting answers

    I took out a mortgage with KBC in 2008 was told at the time had to fix for 3 yrs but could revert to tracker after ( I rang to check when my suitability letter said I requested a fixed rate.) Suitability letter said I could revert to tracker or variable. Contract said I would revert to "renewal...