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    Will I get back rent deposit and does landlord have right to ask me to leave now

    I have been living my current landlords for 1 year and 3 months, we don't have signed contract, recently I am not happy to live in there and gave him 30 days notice leave, but my landlord said he doesn't need that 30 days notice and want me to leave now and said he has right to ask me to leave...
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    Tax relief for rent payment

    understood tenants received tax relief on rental payment. Can anyone advise regarding procedure. Assisting family member and cannot see option on his revenue.ie online account
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    Advice please - effects on tenants of landlord moving into property

    Scenario: House was rented to three tenants, one of whom has recently left due job transfer. Good tenants, rent up to date, two left have acquired Part4 tenancies. Landlord has moved into vacated room and will be staying there. Tenants happy enough, no issues. My question is are they now...
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    Renting a room - what should I be concerned about?

    Hi there, I am a home owner and am thinking about renting out my spare room. As I will not a be an official landlord if I do rent out a room in my house while living there myself, I am not sure if I can arrange/sign a lease with whoever I choose to rent the room out to. My concern is that, if...
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    Solicitor to Get Solicitor's Letter Sent

    I have a situation where a tenant caused a significant amount of damage to furnishings. I set out the situation in an email because I need to get a bit of legal advice and probably a solicitor's letter sent. Everything was set out clearly, so very little time needed to understand the situation...
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    Prioritising Non Irish Tenants

    Some of you may have read the saga I went through to rid myself of an aggressive tenant which finally required me to pay the tenant Euro 10,000 to leave. https://www.askaboutmoney.com/threads/removal-of-aggressive-tenant.198639/ I now find myself discriminating against all Irish Applicants as...