1. M

    My company made a donation to a foreign charity, but Revenue wants to treat it as salary

    Two years ago a company I own made a donation to a charity that is not on Revenue's approved charity list. When we sent in the company tax return we declared the donation and paid corporation tax on it. The tax man is back and says I should have paid income tax on the donation as it was my...
  2. H

    Rent and taxation

    Hi everyone, we currently own and live in an apartment and we are buying a house that needs some renovation. Nothing too major: wiring, some plumbing, renew one of the bathrooms, and damp in treatment in the basement. Few weeks worth of work. The house will be our main residence and we plan to...
  3. S

    Advise to invest in ETFs

    Age: 35 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 30 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 52K Annual gross income of spouse: 0 Monthly take-home pay 3.2K Type of employment: Researcher, contract In general are you: I am saving 1K per month Not bought any house, so no...
  4. K

    Local Property Tax apportionment

    Hi, How do you calculate the LPT apportionment? I mean what it's based? THanks
  5. J

    Claiming tax back on joint purchases

    Can I claim tax back off joint purchases from a joint bank account but if the purchase was in my fiances name? We bought a map from (link removed) would it matter if company is located in a different city to ours? Also, we invested in double glazing, would it be possible to get VAT back on that...
  6. tax_moron

    How to deal with taxes when selling portions of your portfolio (for example, accumulating ETFs)?

    These are all hypothetical numbers.. I'm just hoping to better understand how all this works from a taxation perspective. For simplicity sake, we'll just use CSPX for this example, an accumulating ETF so no dividend taxes to worry about. If we make several arbitrary purchases of this over a...
  7. A

    Ways to avoid Closed-Company Surcharge

    Just wondering if anyone has any creative ideas on how to avoid Closed-Company Surcharge. If the profits are invested does that make them exempt? Also wondering if Forestry profits are exempt. I'm looking to invest in Forestry through my ltd as its tax-free
  8. M

    Advice on tax efficient long term investing - Irish life assurance fund versus offshore US-based funds

    Hi, first time posting but frequent reader of this and other Irish forums on investing. I am looking for advice (professional/non-professional) on how to best invest a seven figure sum for the mid- to long-term for an Irish resident. It will be an investment for children that can stay invested...
  9. T

    Tax on 2nd property

    I ended up as an unexpected landlord when the economy crashed. I bought a house for a family of 5 and my 2 bed apartment never sold, I've never declared tax on the rental. If I was to declare it now would I have to pay back tax on it or just start paying from now? Thanks
  10. S

    Preliminary tax payments as a sole trader

    Hi, I'm starting up as a sole trader from start of August. I'm a bit confused as to how tax payments (PAYE, USC etc) work being self-employed. I've researched it online but I'm still confused as to the whole preliminary tax thing so I hope someone can just clarify things for me. I've registered...
  11. S

    Putting Dublin rental property into joint names

    Hi and I'm a new poster and own a rental property (from my family home) which is 100% in my own name with bank mortgage. I live in the UK and trying to understand the considerations to get my property into joint names (50-50) with my husband. The plan is to spread tax since I'm the main earner...
  12. S

    Lump Sum Payment to Pension?

    1st post so go easy on me! I have just returned from living abroad where I was able to save a decent amount of money. I would like to use this money to provide for myself & my family in old age. I can place in a pension product or invest, I guess. I have looked at the main irish pension...
  13. A

    Putting money from a family member into my business

    What is the best/most tax efficient way to put money into my business from a family member? If I took an interest-free loan at 50k and 50k at 6% simple interest loan from the same family member. The loan at 6% would be within the family member's capital gains allowance. My main question is...
  14. A

    How are dividends taxed for an Irish company from a UK company

    Long time lurker first time poster. How is a dividend taxed if comes from a UK company unaffiliated with an Irish company. Eg. Irish company invest in SPV for crowdfunding property monthly dividend yield in UK or Irish company invest in a is it taxed?
  15. A

    How are dividends taxed if paid from UK company to Irish Company

    Long time lurker first time poster. How is a dividend taxed if comes from a UK company unaffiliated with an Irish company. Eg. Irish company invest in SPV for crowdfunding property monthly dividend yield in UK or Irish company invest in a is it taxed?
  16. T

    Best Buy Best AVC in the Irish market 2019

    I work in a local authority and is a member of Forsa. I am looking to join an AVC. May I know whether the AVC amount is cut before Tax or after Tax? Would joining an AVc reduce the tax I pay and save money? Is there any firm that you would suggest? I prefer to buy it directly from a firm like...
  17. S

    Inheritance - Will Interpretation

    Hi All Hoping to get some legal advice regarding the execution of a will, text is as follows: " I [John + standard will wording around being of sound mind etc] hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my lawful son [Paul] to be the executor of this, my last will. I direct my said executor to...
  18. S

    Tax Credits issue

    Hi, I just started a new job on the 7th and got my first wages today. I’m concerned my tax credits aren’t being applied correctly. I’m being paid monthly and I earn 38k per year gross. My net this month was less than €2,200 that’s a total deduction of €600. Surely this is wrong? I checked my...
  19. B

    PRSI worker with additional income - 2 jobs

    Hi, my wife has a part time Paye tax assessed job at 26K per annum. She is starting another bit of additional regular contract work which will yield 1K a month. We are wondering what is the best way to declare this additional income. Options we can see: 1. Form 12 additional - Revenue - but I...
  20. C

    Tax relief for rent payment

    understood tenants received tax relief on rental payment. Can anyone advise regarding procedure. Assisting family member and cannot see option on his online account