1. S

    Query: Selling property at a loss offset of losses vs PAYE

    Hi all I am selling an apartment that we lived in from 2007 to 2013, since then it has been rented out. It will ultimately sell at a loss of ~80k. I am wondering what’s the best way to deal with this from an offsetting perspective. Any help appreciated. If we sell a property in 2021 at an 80k€...
  2. G

    Annual tax rate

    If you take a month off from work during a tax year, do you need to wait until the end of the year to claim any overpayment in tax back?
  3. J

    Tax audit question

    I made some stupid mistakes back in 2016 and 2017. I was PAYE but I had some additional income (and had expenses as well) via a payment gateway into my Bank of Ireland account. the net was something around 5k for both years (payments - expenses). this was not declared in revenue. i haven't...
  4. D

    Uber Eats/Just eat income tax

    Hi, Im starting to work for uber eats and just eat and am wondering if I have to declare my income tax to the revenue as they dont do it for you? More to the point i'm wondering if just eat/uber eats contact the revenue to tell them you are working for them or is it completely up to me to...
  5. G

    Lump sum tax back

    Someone earning 150k per year decides to leave their full time job in the middle of the tax year. How much tax could they expect to get back on the basis that they would have overpaid tax all year? No particular extra benefits / pension to consider. This person has extra PAYE credits from...
  6. R

    Renting out a house, repairing it, and tax

    Hello, I am considering (as one possibility) renting out a house. But it needs some cosmetic repairs (mostly decorating) to get good rental value. I though I'd be able to offset this against rental income tax. But I now read the Revenue website and see that expenses prior to renting out are...
  7. hughpearse

    Degiro Accumulation Funds Which Are Taxed Like Shares

    I am a PAYE worker and I am trying to find investments on Degiro which accumulate (pay no dividends, aka Scrip Dividends) so that income tax cannot be applied at the marginal rate (20/40%) and I can avail of compounding through retained earnings. I also want to avoid the gross roll up (deemed...
  8. R

    Transfer of 1 acre of farmland to build on

    Hi, My partner is a farmer and he jointly/equally owns and farms his land with his sibling. My partner and I jointly got planning permission for a house on a 1 acre slot on the farm. The acre is still in joint ownership of my partner and his sibling. We need to transfer the plot either into just...
  9. J

    A question about Stock trading, CGT and dividend tax in Ireland

    Hi, I started investing in stocks and shares last year. I invested mostly in Irish companies, holding the stocks for varying lengths of time, some were held for a few months, others for a few weeks. So in essence i traded stocks and turned a profit of about 400Euro in Irish domiciled companies...
  10. C

    Remote Working From Home

    Hi, Have been working from home since 18 March 2020 and will continue working from home for 2021. My employer did not pay through payroll on the grounds that it was going to be a cost incurred by the company. Is this correct. I would have thought that there is some way of reclaiming this in...
  11. tax_moron

    What is the tax on selling of Cash Secured Puts (and with assignment Covered Calls)?

    Preface this with I'm just a normal PAYE worker (registered for Income Tax in 2020 for dividends, ETFs, and CGT filing however). I've tried to ask this before but got nothing. I'm wondering what the tax implications of selling Cash Secured Puts (and then if assigned the shares, selling covered...
  12. A

    Statement of liability doesn’t mention pension contributions?

    Hi, I just got a 2019 statement of liability in revenue online. It lists my tax credits but no mention of pension contributions. My employer and I both contribute to my pension (me 6%). Is this normal that it’s not on the statement, or is it possible that I didn’t get tax relief on the pension...
  13. J

    Unused weekly tax credit (and carrying it forward)

    I work in hospitality and was laid twice this year due to covid lockdowns but have since returned(twice) to full time work with the same employer. I normally work a forty hour week and get 3300euro yearly tax credit. In the respective weeks i was laid off in march and october (and i was laid off...
  14. G

    Degiro - ETF's - Can losses from some ETF's be offset against gains in other ETF's for tax purposes?

    Hi, Using Degiro in the same year I have exited out of some ETF's this year enjoying some gains on some but suffering losses on others. Overall, the gains are greater than the losses. Can these losses be offset against the gains for tax purposes? e.g profit from 3 ETF's = €5,000 loss from 2...
  15. G

    Tax on dividend accruals?

    Hi everyone! I've recently been receiving some dividend accruals from my stock investments, but I can't find any information on the taxation on these. Can anyone let me know if there is any tax obligation due on these? Thanks!
  16. tax_moron

    Santander are giving distribution (dividend) in the form of shares (share options), how are these taxed

    I received share options (~€550) that will be converted to shares at a rate of 1 for every 23 shares owned at x date. I do have the option to sell these on the market too before the date. Just wondering what are the tax implications of this type of distribution (I'm a normal PAYE worker). If...
  17. J

    In receipt of PUP payment and with some possible trading income (divdends and share sales)

    Hi, I am currently in receipt of the 350euro Covid PUP payment. I worked in the hospitality sector and would have earned about 22k net were it not for the damn covid happening. i've been on the PUP payment twice this year. So for 2020 i've worked 5 and a half months and the remaining 6 and a...
  18. D

    Moving home from Singapore

    I’ll be eventually moving back from Singapore after 7 years working here. In this time I’ve been investing in the stock market and have some savings. My question is with my shares, there’s no capital gains tax here in Singapore. So I’m wondering if it’s worth selling them here before moving...
  19. tax_moron

    When/How/Should I notify Revenue of ETF purchases that occurred this year?

    I'm sorry if these questions keep cropping up, I can't find a straight answer to these. I've bought and sold Irish domiciled ETF positions this year 2020 @ no chargeable gain, but it's not clear if, and how I let Revenue know about these purchases? Is it now in the 2020 year, or 2021? I've...
  20. D

    TAX query - Resident and employed in ROI, self-employed UK

    Hi, I'm trying to get some information for my wife. We moved back to Ireland 2 years ago after being in London for over 10 years. We were both self-employed in the UK and carried out self assessment for each tax year. Now in the Republic of Ireland, we are both PAYE employed workers but my...