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    PTSB PTSB tracker with split mortgage looking to lease

    My partner and I purchased our home in 2007. After years of struggling to meet our payments on an unmanageable interest rate we were delighted to discover we were part of the PTSB redress scheme a couple of years ago where we were rightfully put on a tracker rate of ECB + 1.1%. Prior to that we...
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    Case study Jointly owned Property in the Midlands offered Split Mortgage

    I'll cut a long story short as they say! Met a girl, bought a house for E280,000 and then a second Mortgage for E220,000 (PTSB) to renovate and extend in the midlands in 2007. Job and business collapsed for both of us over the following 2 years and she left with the baby. I lasted another 2...
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    Split Mortgage - Mortgage protection after Redress

    For anyone on a split mortgage, once you get your redress and the warehoused amount has been reduced by whatever amount, don't forget to go back to your insurance company to change your policy. The amount you need to be insured for is now less. Should save you a few euro.