solicitors fees

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    Vulture funds and abortive legal costs

    Hello, I was hoping if anyone had any experience/ advice of the following. I was going about buying a house. Did viewings in December 2017 and put offer in , my offer was accepted in December 2017. I paid the booking deposit.. I then agreed fees with my Solictor. I got the engineers reports...
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    Dublin Recommendation for solicitor for remortgage in S. Dublin area?

    Hi all If anyone could recommend a solicitor to carry out a reportage in the South Dublin area. Would prefer fixed fee. Thanks Mal
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    Dublin Solicitor for selling apartment

    Hi Can anyone recommend solicitor for selling apartment. Ideally dublin 2/4/6/8 as close to home/work. Got quote today from one for 1500 plus vat plus outlay and then another 400 plus vat for getting documents from my management company. The same firm quoted 1300 plus vat plus outlay for...
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    Solicitors Fees for House Purchase

    I'm new to this forum and just wanted a bit of advice about solicitors fees for conveyancing as this is the first property I have bought. I just got the final statement from the solicitor and it shows all the registration fees and outlays etc but the one I'm wondering about is the solicitor fee...