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    Home insurance -family legal expenses ‘add on’ - Zurich

    Bought an ‘add on’ with Zurich home insurance policy ... ‘family legal expenses’ .., does anyone know what it’s actually useful for and what limitations?
  2. T

    Equality: Circuit Family Court- Judges almost all female?

    Hi, Unfortunately I find myself in a Judicial Separation process in the Family Circuit Court in Dublin. We have had a number of postponements, due to a variety of factors, as I lost my job during the process. I cant help noticing that all the judges without exception I’ve seen now, on 5...
  3. K

    Solicitor recommendation - Dublin 15 area

    Hi, I'm looking for a solicitor in Dublin 15 area which it is quiet available to pick up the phone or replying e-mails? I know it seems a stupid request but I believe it is the basic one. Also if you have any further information about their conveyancing fees. Thanks
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    FE1 law society exams - non law graduate

    Daughter started a 14 week course in June for FE1 law society entrance exams - 3 subjects. Attended all lectures - Company, contract and constitutional. Exams at start of October - 3 weeks time. She’s finding the study tough - maybe she has taken on too much - without a law background. I...
  5. B

    EBS Reposession order - next step and professional help please

    I have received a letter from the EBS saying that my application to recapitalize my mortgage and arrears has been turned down and that they want to repossess. I live abroad and couldnt use MABS and used IMHO instead. However now I dont know who can assist? I dont want to agree anything with EBS...
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    Solicitor w expertise on Wills/inheritance/trusts/cohabitants/social welfare

    As an older person with a partner (X), unmarried but a life partner nonetheless, I'm divorced and have 2 adult children. Everyone is on very good terms. I own the house that X and I share, plus a portfolio of shares, a small ARF, a cottage with small rental income...and a small enough income...
  7. A

    Solicitor to Get Solicitor's Letter Sent

    I have a situation where a tenant caused a significant amount of damage to furnishings. I set out the situation in an email because I need to get a bit of legal advice and probably a solicitor's letter sent. Everything was set out clearly, so very little time needed to understand the situation...
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    Mortgage Solicitor Galway

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced conveyancing solicitor in Galway? We are in the process of selling our existing home and buying a new home. I have received two quotes to date and both are €3,000 plus vat & outlay i.e. €1,500 per transaction.. I had hoped/expected for c.€1,000 plus...
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    Good solicitor or accountant to help with complicated home purchase in Dublin

    Hi, we are looking into buying a house. We are not getting a standard mortgage due to bad credit rating we picked up at the tail end of the recession - missed several months payments due to lack of employment - however we have since cleared the outstanding balance and sold the house. We...
  10. B

    anyone got any info/help reqarding road disqualification lengths

    In Ireland lets say 10 years ago if you were disqualified from driving for lets say 8 years you were legally obliged to serve 4 years (half of the full disqualification) which meant in 4 years time you can apply and drive again. at some point in some year from 2010 on-wards this changed. By...
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    Letter from solicitor for immediate repayment, or property returned?

    Hi all. I have lived in London since 2012. For a few years now I have had long periods of unemployment, poor health etc have meant that for some time I couldn't pay the full mortgage to the EBS, and then when I left I got a tenant and send all the rental to the bank, which has been less than the...
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    Recommend law firm for tracker challenge

    Still not having been turned to tracker I am coming to the conclusion that my legal case is pretty good. But would like to get the best legal advice. If challenging one of the main banks who would be a strong legal firm, Dublin city centre to represent and advise? Thanks in advance. Best...
  13. N

    Need advice about arrears - bad credit rating

    Hi all, I'm going to make this as short as possible any hope someone can offer some advice; In 2014, I maxed out my credit card (e2000). I was paying back min amounts and in August 2014, prior to a move abroad, I paid off e500 (stupidly thinking this would "cover me" for a few months). When I...
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    Switching mortgage & using different solicitor?

    Hi folks - Newbie poster here seeking a bit of advice. Last year my wife & I took out a mortgage with Haven via a broker. We went first year fixed @ 3.5% and having made our 12th payment recently, we are now on their variable rate of 3.4%. Already we're looking to switch mortgage lenders - if...
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    Dublin Recommendation for solicitor for remortgage in S. Dublin area?

    Hi all If anyone could recommend a solicitor to carry out a reportage in the South Dublin area. Would prefer fixed fee. Thanks Mal
  16. F

    Crooked estate solicitor?

    We've been waiting for three years for my late fathers estate to be administered. The excuse given for the latest delay is "CAT concerns/ secondary accountability of the executors". Basically the solicitor and his friends/ executors want to get confirmation that my father didn't owe CAT on any...
  17. K

    Conveyancing solicitor duties

    Hi all, I hope that someone would be able to help me with the following question. Is there a duty or good practice on conveyancing solicitor to report to the bank (mortgage is involved) or his client (house purchaser) if a report was given by the seller to the solicitor that the house is...
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    solicitor agreed to keep deeds now have left country?

    House purchased by a friend some years ago, they paid cash, solicitor agreed to keep deeds, solicitor struck off a while ago, how do they get deeds? Law society helping but nothing happening ie ex solicitor not responding. I must admit I am a bit, only a small bit mind you, surprised as I...