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    3 tiers to my view for share brokers in Ireland in terms of commissions and maintenance fees. Any objection to this list please?

    Top (excellent quality and security but you pay for that, example in article below, please look at total fees for long term investors) = Davy+Goodbody Middle (sites have...
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    Query - What happens to the dividends if shares just got transferred to new broker?

    Example: if dividends get paid on 25th day of 3rd month of each quarter of the year and transfer to new broker is completed on 24th day of 3rd month (i.e. one day before payment of dividends) will the new broker get the dividends even if old broker had shares for almost entire quarter? In other...
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    Best Buys pinned Thread for online stockbrokers please?

    I feel as all this optimism on world economy is going to burst sooner or later. I think one creditor will start getting tough (e.g. italian economy going to need help etc?) and then domino effect might start. I still feel the pinch of Northern Rock's case roughly 10 years ago that resulted on...
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    The cost of switching shares

    I started 2 months ago and I find it addictive (thank God it’s just hobby for me): switching shares that are falling down in value with new ones and compensating any loss with the selling of overheated shares bearing in mind the 4 weeks rule before and after selling the shares. Key rule: keep...
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    Query on crystallizing losses on shares

    Hi all, query please... I keep looking in the website but I cannot find an answer to this query... I am aware that I can crystallize a loss when I sell share "A" only if I don't buy share "A" for at least another 28 days... But how long do I need to keep share "A" before selling it at...