share investing

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    3 tiers to my view for share brokers in Ireland in terms of commissions and maintenance fees. Any objection to this list please?

    Top (excellent quality and security but you pay for that, example in article below, please look at total fees for long term investors) = Davy+Goodbody Middle (sites have...
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    Stock trades and their taxation

    I'm a full time employee in Dublin, but also I'm interested in doing stock/share trading. Was wondering, in terms of taxation, how 'if' making profits, they can be taxed less? Is it simply as an extra income on my salary which then I pay tax for? or are there any saving schemes available under...
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    Quick query on Interactive Brokers please...

    Interactive brokers is advertised on cnbc very often and it looks like you can open an account from Ireland. Is anyone using this site? Does it convert everything to Eur so that it's easy to measire cgt and tax on dividends like degiro, ii and do? Thank you in advance
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    Best Buys pinned Thread for online stockbrokers please?

    I feel as all this optimism on world economy is going to burst sooner or later. I think one creditor will start getting tough (e.g. italian economy going to need help etc?) and then domino effect might start. I still feel the pinch of Northern Rock's case roughly 10 years ago that resulted on...
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    Query on limit orders

    Sorry for the silly question but google doesn't seem to help... When I put in place a limit order with an online broker for x number of shares of a company at y price is y price the value of each individual share I would agree to buy or the total of the x shares? I don't want to submit a limit...