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    Self employed pension

    Hi there, I would really appreciate some advice Age:42 Self employed Started Executive Pension Plan with Zurich in 2011 with broker Paused pension in 2017 due to maternity leave I will be earning a very modest income yet to be determined as self employed, in lower tax bracket. I have started...
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    Newly self-employed mortgage application - help!

    I'm an actuary with 10 years experience. Most recently I was a self-employed contractor (director of a ltd company) from 2011 to 2015, full time from 2015 to 2017 and limited company again (a different one) from Jan 2018 to present. I'm highly employable and earn a very nice salary but I've...
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    Case study Self-employed: Ireland & UK & Spain

    Hi, I'm currently self-employed here in Ireland. However I would like to know what if I also work in London and Madrid providing the same service plus extending myself to other countries like working 3 months here, 3 months in UK and other 3 in Spain. Should I become self-employed on each...
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    Accountant recommendation for new consultant (self-employed)

    Hi there, I am a Canadian permanent resident (I have a Stamp 4 (married to Irish person) - and am able to live and work in Ireland). In June of 2016, I started working for a not-for-profit organisation based in Spain as a consultant, working remotely from Dublin. Because I am not an EU citizen...
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    Self employed - changing from UK to Irish tax system

    I moved back to ireland about 6 months ago and I'm still self employed in the UK via my Uk registered limited company (I'm the sole employee). I work from home over here and fly back for a couple of days every few weeks at most. To date I have paid corporation tax in the UK on profits and...
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    Question Re Preliminary Tax

    I am a PAYE employee, and my wife started a business in 2015 for which we submitted a Form 11 tax return in February 2016. We also own a rental property. Yesterday I paid the small outstanding tax bill that was due - c. 350 euros. The thing is I am looking at our obligations and it looks like...
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    Remortgage rented property to buy 2nd house.

    Hi, I've recently returned from being abroad for the past 15 years. During this time my primary residence was rented out and is still rented out at €2500/month(D14). The value of the house is aprox. €500K to 550K and has a tracker mortgage with €10K remaining(Sept 2018), the repayments are...
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    Self-employed, Co-habiting

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