1. M

    Divorced Mom- Sell investment property to pay off debt, or keep for early retirement/ kids?

    I am recently divorced. I bought a small 2 bed family home, with need to extend and add another bedroom in a couple of years when children older. As a divorced mom of 2 dependents getting loans/ mortgages more difficult. I have an investment property I am thinking of selling to pay off 37k in...
  2. W

    Start a pension now (32 year old) or wait until financial situation more stable?

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I am 32 years old (33 in October) and 2 years into a small business that is established as a Ltd. company. I own a 50% stake in the company. 2021 will be the first profitable year (small profit) and to date I have taken no income from the business. Due...
  3. P

    Small pension and return on AVCs.

    I have €2,000 that came from matured Savings Certificates. If I spent it on buying AVCs would it make a noticeable difference to my final pension? I'm in my early 60s, public service and would like to retire soon, although my annual pension will be very small until I reach state pension age.
  4. P

    Mortgage repayments in retirement

    Age: 55 I am due to retire in 2030 age 65. I am looking for opinions on carrying repayments into retirement : two loans extent until 2035 and two loans until 2045. Already contributing to pension, and hope to have a decent defined contribution pension. Currently rental income on Invest1 is...
  5. F

    Single Scheme Pension - Do I need 47 years service to get full pension?

    Age:25 Salary: €50,000 approx Joined service in 2016 age 21. Just some background, I joined the civil service in 2016 and I'm now in a middle management role 4 years later. Over the last week or so I've been looking into the Single Public Service Pension Scheme (introduced in 2013). It would...
  6. L

    Early Retirement: Non-EU accumulating ETF's or Pension Funds?

    Hello all, Looking for your opinion in my retirement plan below, if it makes sense, or if I'm totally wrong :) A quick introduction. I'm 25, have recently moved to Ireland, and want to start my retirement plan. Currently, I can save up to 50% of my salary (~2K EUR) monthly, and as a FIRE...
  7. Dr.Koala

    Rest of Ireland Retirement Planning

    I want to review my retirement plans with a professional to make sure I'll be OK to retire in 3-5 years. However, I'm not sure what type of professional to look for. An accountant? A financial planner? My retirement funds are mainly in a 401K in the U.S., but I also have a retirement plan here...
  8. A

    Retiring and Lump Sum Payment

    I'm a propitiatory director looking to retire from my post after 9 years of service. According to this source: (Can't post link to the revenue website) I may be entitled for a lump sum payment from my company. Given my average annual salary for last 36 months is €50,000 I can claim €10,160...
  9. M

    Public Sector Retire early

    Hi, A number of us in my office are thinking of retiring early this year at 60 years of age, were all on Stamp A, but it appears our pension payments are a combination of a pension from our employer and a job seekers benefit for 9 months then a supplementary pension there after, and will...
  10. A

    question on pension or refund for non-Irish worker in Ireland over long time

    A non-Irish citizen had been worked in Ireland (working visa) and paid contributions (PAYE, PRSI, USC, tax, etc) around 20 years. If I decide to permanently back to home country which does not have any social security contributions agreement with Ireland. Since I have not pay any tax or...
  11. D

    Is Ireland a less than ideal country for early retirement?

    I heard that people looking to retire at an age younger than most will find it more difficult here. Is this true and why? Thanks
  12. T

    41 looking to retire at 50... possible ?

    Age: 41 Spouse’s/Partner's age: 42 Annual gross income from employment or profession: 120k Annual gross income of spouse: 100k Type of employment: Both multinational In general are you: (a) spending more than you earn, or (b) saving? We are saving, our target save is 50k/year Rough...
  13. M

    investment property interest relief with decreasing mortgage

    What is a good way to avoid tax in retirement on investment property? What do investors generally do with their investment properties in retirement? As the mortgage decreases the tax liability increases. But keeping the mortgage, while good for the tax bill, creates some uncertainty in...
  14. F

    Employer gratuity on retirement

    I hope to retire shortly (aged 61) after 35 years with the same employer. My employer wants to give me a gratuity of £20K. Will I have to pay full tax on this? If I do, I presume my best option would be to get my employer to make an AVC payment into my DC pension. Someone suggested redundancy to...
  15. L

    Re-mortgage or Equity release for over 70yr old

    A person with a good teachers pension about €2k p.m in a house worth > €700k wants to get €50k out of the house. Can she remortgage and repaid it back over 10 years? Can they discriminate based on age? How much would insurance cost on it? I've heard some won't deal with over 70's but difficult...
  16. N

    Pension lump sums

    Hi, i have a pension with a current fund value of €167,000 i stopped paying into this pension a few years ago. The pension is with ZURich and and is a SuperCAPP pension. I got a statement today and i dont fully understand it. It says that the current transfer value is €190,000 ? What exactly...