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    Advice for First time landlord

    Looking to move house, and rent out my current property. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Which one to sell ?

    Hi We are looking for advice selling and the buying a property. (it feels complicated :() We would like to purchase a property in Donegal for approx. €270,000 however we are wondering which property makes more sense to sell and use to put towards new property. Both properties are rental...
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    Buying new house but mortgage doesn't cover extension works

    Hi, Thanks for reading this everyone, it's my first post and any advice would be gratefully received. My growing family of partner + 3 kids (+1 more on the way) needs a bigger house to live in. The house we are currently in is unencumbered and I would expect it to fetch €160K+ on the market...
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    What're the taxes on net rental income?

    Hi, As long as the rental income is greater than rental expenses, what are the taxes involved to net rental income? May I have to be self-employed or something like that? Thanks
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    Mgmt company preventing short term lets

    I have a 2 bed apartment in Dublin 8 that I've been renting out on a short term basis on Airbnb. I recently received a letter from the management company saying that short term lets are in breach of the lease and are prohibited. They highlighted this clause in the lease: "The Demised premises...
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    Rental Loss Offset

    Quick question, Can you offset residential rental losses against commercial (ie. land) rental profit?
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    Rental Income paylesstax

    Hi All, I am wondering if any landlords have used the paylesstax service software (can't link it as I am a new user)? Is it any good re the tax calculations and is it easy to use? I would be thinking of the middle package €175, do they provide you with a file that can be uploaded to ROS? Many...
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    Remortgage rented property to buy 2nd house.

    Hi, I've recently returned from being abroad for the past 15 years. During this time my primary residence was rented out and is still rented out at €2500/month(D14). The value of the house is aprox. €500K to 550K and has a tracker mortgage with €10K remaining(Sept 2018), the repayments are...