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    Advertising Property

    Hi All, Is there anyway I can word an advertisement which states the property/room for rent would be suitable for someone who works in Dublin Monday to Friday and goes home at weekends? It seems DAFT won't let you write anything anymore as I am discriminating. It's a small room in my home, it...
  2. M

    Rent levels outlook

    Folks, As a landlord, is it time to reduce the rent with all the uncertainty and unemployment? Getting ahead of the curve. Before the tenant announce they are moving out.
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    Rent and taxation

    Hi everyone, we currently own and live in an apartment and we are buying a house that needs some renovation. Nothing too major: wiring, some plumbing, renew one of the bathrooms, and damp in treatment in the basement. Few weeks worth of work. The house will be our main residence and we plan to...
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    Rental lease up

    Hello all, Hoping you can assist. We have let a residential property. The 8 month lease is due to expire in mid January 2020. For one reason and other we do not want to renew the lease with the tenant. The lease is with the tenant but some of the rent is paid by HAPs. Is it enough just to...
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    Non resident landlord tax

    On a rental income of 30,000€ how much would the net tax liability work out as for a non-resident landlord with no other income in Ireland? Is the general rule that it works out around 20% tax on profit? Income: €30,000 Management Fees: -€500 Insurance: -€400 Other: -€1000 (upkeep of house...
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    Tax on 2nd property

    I ended up as an unexpected landlord when the economy crashed. I bought a house for a family of 5 and my 2 bed apartment never sold, I've never declared tax on the rental. If I was to declare it now would I have to pay back tax on it or just start paying from now? Thanks
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    Auction property with tenant not paying the rent in full

    Hi, I just want to have a constructive input in regards to an auction that I am interested to bid on. The Property is sold with a sitting tenant (Rent €11,400 per annum). There is a fixed-term tenancy agreement copy that was set since 2011 with the previous owner for one year. I spoke to...
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    Buy and rent to my company

    In the process of potentially relocating for work. Employer may not pay for a mortgage but will pay rent. Question is could I potentially buy a house and rent it to my employer for me to live in. Market rate for rent is 1100, mortgage circa 600. Leaving additional money to renovate/live off...
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    Tax relief for rent payment

    understood tenants received tax relief on rental payment. Can anyone advise regarding procedure. Assisting family member and cannot see option on his online account
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    Can I run a business from my rented apartment?

    Hi, Did you happen to register your new business address on your own home considering that you're on rental? Is this a "common" way here in Ireland for entrepreneurs and start ups? As far as I've been told, you can't set up your business address in your own homeplace if you're on rent...
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    Tenants to pay Mgmt Fee

    Hi Guys I have an apartment with a couple living in it the last 10 years. They signed a lease when they first moved and this has not been updated since. The original rent was 1050 and this was negotiated downwards (as low as 800) by the tenants during the recession years. The rent currently...
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    Renting house - ill parent - joint owner

    friend af work - bought house for mother and she lived there until her health became issue. House let privately for past few months. Wonder regarding tax implications - what allowable Mortgage in negative equity and not paid and arrears - around 80000 euro. Mortgage 350000. House value current...
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    Buying premises through the company or personally?

    Hello, This question was discussed back in 2007 in the following thread but I was wondering if anything has changed since then? I am starting a Ltd company and am buying a premises for it...
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    office rents

    Hi it seems that I've had really bad luck as regards offices. I've been in business since 1995 and have had to move 5 or 6 times, now it looks as if I'm on the move again. Am shocked at rents now. Is there a ball-park figure for office rents in Dublin city centre?