rent pressure zone

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    Rent and taxation

    Hi everyone, we currently own and live in an apartment and we are buying a house that needs some renovation. Nothing too major: wiring, some plumbing, renew one of the bathrooms, and damp in treatment in the basement. Few weeks worth of work. The house will be our main residence and we plan to...
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    Previous tenancy not registered with RTB now with 100% hike

    I am interested in renting a property that has been rented previously for many years. The asking rent is without doubt a huge leap from the previous tenants. It is in a rent pressure zone but what they are asking is definitely more than 4% increase on last tenants. The landlord did some...
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    Notice of rent review issued before lease expires?

    Hi all I own a property which is let out and being managed by a letting agency. As I am now approaching the end of the first 24 months, I have asked my letting agency to give 90 days notice to the tenant that the rent will be increasing (which would mean an increase from say mid July given...