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    Currently have home mortgaged with Council House value 250k Mortgage Balance 100k Years left 25years Fixed rate = 3.25% (roughly) Need to start upgrading house with double glaze windows etc as not much has been done since purchasing. Looking for roughly 40k (this would significantly increase...
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    Re-mortgage of Irish property while living abroad

    Hi - a relative of mine lives abroad (in Europe but not the EU) and has an apartment in Dublin that's rented out. She spoke to AIB a few weeks ago inquiring about re-mortgaging, and the AIB person told her that it wouldn't be a problem living abroad, all she would need was a credit check from...
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    Refinance a property to complete another property

    Hi, I currently have a building that is rented out for 1500 Eur per month and performing very well with a value of approximately 140K. There is no outstanding mortgage but I would like to remortgage to enable the completion of a build that was never completed by previous owners. The estimated...
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    Buy property in Spain by getting Irish mortgage with Irish property as security?

    Hello, I owe an apartment in Dublin. I am now trying to buy a house in Spain but it's very difficult for non-residents (and an extra 5k upfront just in mortgage registration fees). Would I be able to get a mortagage from an Irish bank by using my Irish apartment as a security? The 2 properties...
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    Dublin Recommendation for solicitor for remortgage in S. Dublin area?

    Hi all If anyone could recommend a solicitor to carry out a reportage in the South Dublin area. Would prefer fixed fee. Thanks Mal
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    Remortgage rented property to buy 2nd house.

    Hi, I've recently returned from being abroad for the past 15 years. During this time my primary residence was rented out and is still rented out at €2500/month(D14). The value of the house is aprox. €500K to 550K and has a tracker mortgage with €10K remaining(Sept 2018), the repayments are...
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    Re-mortgage or Equity release for over 70yr old

    A person with a good teachers pension about €2k p.m in a house worth > €700k wants to get €50k out of the house. Can she remortgage and repaid it back over 10 years? Can they discriminate based on age? How much would insurance cost on it? I've heard some won't deal with over 70's but difficult...