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    Ulster TME Appeal Upheld - Bank have not adjusted loan balance!!?????

    Hi All, I recently had my TME Appeal upheld by the Panel. I sought to have the period of impact extended to when I looked to buy out of a 5 year Fixed Rate. I had letters from the bank advising that "as Tracker Products were no longer available I would revert to SVR if I chose to buy out of...
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    PTSB Refused Tracker on second mortgage

    In 2003 we took out a mortgage to purchase our primary residence, a tracker of ECB + 0.75. In Oct 2007 we used equity in our primary residence to remortgage to buy a site on which we hoped to build and move to. We asked for a top up of the first mortgage (verbal request) but was told no, that...
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    Taking banks to high court?

    Has anyone taken any of the banks to the high court with regards the redress compensation as of yet and won or lost?
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    KBC KBC - redress amounts confirmed?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone who is due redress payment from KBC has had their redress amount confirmed yet? Aware that all redress payments are due by end June. Would be interested to see if letters of confirmation of final lump sum redress amounts have started to go out to any in-scope...
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    Tracker with AIB

    hi looking for advice. I took out a tracker mortgage with AIB in 2003. A few years later we were advised by AIB to fix our tracker for 5 years. We took their advice and signed up to the fixed term. But shortly after somebody I knew in Aib rang me and told me to get out of the fixed rate asap and...