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    Buying a house in Galway. Looking for surveyor/engineer

    Hi, I am in the process of buying a house. Can anyone recommend a good surveyor/engineer?. Looking for a reasonable price and someone who does a thorough job. Thank you in advance!
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    Solicitor to Get Solicitor's Letter Sent

    I have a situation where a tenant caused a significant amount of damage to furnishings. I set out the situation in an email because I need to get a bit of legal advice and probably a solicitor's letter sent. Everything was set out clearly, so very little time needed to understand the situation...
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    Dublin Recommendation for solicitor for remortgage in S. Dublin area?

    Hi all If anyone could recommend a solicitor to carry out a reportage in the South Dublin area. Would prefer fixed fee. Thanks Mal
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    Recommendation for Worcester gas boiler service & repair

    I wanted to share my experiences, in case it helps someone. I understand recommendations are allowed, and I've no connections with the company in question ... my posting history will show I've never had any interest in the fascinating field of gas boilers before now! I was looking around for...