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    Consent to rent on original PTSB tracker, but can we switch our variable???

    Hi All I'm new to, so please forgive any oversights on expected format. My wife and I purchased a house using a PTSB tracker @ 3.25%+ECB back in 2008 (perfect timing, I know!). Due to a windfall, we then managed to buy a new house in 2014 using an expensive PTSB variable...
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    PTSB Refused Tracker on second mortgage

    In 2003 we took out a mortgage to purchase our primary residence, a tracker of ECB + 0.75. In Oct 2007 we used equity in our primary residence to remortgage to buy a site on which we hoped to build and move to. We asked for a top up of the first mortgage (verbal request) but was told no, that...
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    What is the best alternative to PermanentTSB - EBS?

    I am with PTSB - Current account. As per the letter I got yesterday PTSB would be charging 18 euro quarterly if 2500 euro is not maintained every day. I wont be able to maintain this amount all the time. What is the cheapest alternative - EBS? Any disadvantage in switching to EBS? No bills...
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    ptsb won't give me cash back

    Hi all I appreciate im in a good position compared to many but feel hard doneby by ptsb offer on my mortgage. I cleared my mortgage before xmas with ptsb and now want to takeout a new mortgage to upgrade the house. Ptsb say its an equity release and wont give me the 2% cash back .. Now my view...
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    Consumer deal with Pepper.

    Hi. this is my first post.... I am looking for some advice: We bought our first home in 2008 and ran into difficulty and €20,000 areas before reaching a re-structured deal with PTSB Three years on we have an new agreement with PTSB based on a recent completed SFS, this came into effect on 19th...
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    Taking banks to high court?

    Has anyone taken any of the banks to the high court with regards the redress compensation as of yet and won or lost?
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    PTSB PTSB tracker with split mortgage looking to lease

    My partner and I purchased our home in 2007. After years of struggling to meet our payments on an unmanageable interest rate we were delighted to discover we were part of the PTSB redress scheme a couple of years ago where we were rightfully put on a tracker rate of ECB + 1.1%. Prior to that we...
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    Has anyone got their tracker back from PTSB?

    I see that all other banks are proactively, at least when compared with PTSB, investigating tracker issues and putting many customers back on tracker or providing compensation. I don't see similar response from PTSB, they have been dragging response for their customers as far as I know. Just...
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    PTSB PTSB Tracker Query

    Hi there, My husband began his mortgage in 2006 with a fixed rate for 2 years. On coming to the end of this term, he was sent a letter from the bank outlining the various options available to him going forward. It also stated that had he not selected one of the mortgage rate options by the...
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    PTSB selling performing loans?

    Article on todays independent re the above. In the article it states :- PTSB will randomly select from a pool of 6,098 home loans issued to owner-occupiers at an average interest rate of 3.28pc. As the mortgages are performing - the pool has an arrears rate of less than 2pc - with the...
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    Ptsb new chairman describes sorry tracker episode

    Ptsb agm New chairman Robert Elliott mentions tracker
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    Ptsb independent review panel

    Michael McGrath today Independent review panel upholds all customer complaints
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    Ptsb staff/tracker rate

    Took out a mortgage on a new house with my brother in 2006. We were offered 2 mortgages on the property; two thirds at the staff fixed rate of 3% and a third at tracker rate. I bought him out with my wife a few years later and staff rate portion changed to ptsb variable rate without any offer...
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    Split Mortgage - Mortgage protection after Redress

    For anyone on a split mortgage, once you get your redress and the warehoused amount has been reduced by whatever amount, don't forget to go back to your insurance company to change your policy. The amount you need to be insured for is now less. Should save you a few euro.